Why is CBD not working for you?

Why CBD Might Not Be Working for You?

After trying an assortment of different CBD products, some consumers might be questioning whether or not CBD is helping them relieve their pain, anxiety, etc. It’s not an uncommon question we get at Go Green, although there could be a few reasons why a CBD product might not be working for you. Before you give up on the natural remedy that has helped countless of others, consider these five reasons why your specific CBD product might not be performing to your expectations.

A Little More about CBD

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, derives from the Cannabis Sativa plant that has medicinal properties to help relieve pain, anxiety, inflammation, seizures, and insomnia. CBD is also a non-psychoactive component that can also help possibly with energy, focus, mental clarity, etc. Some consumers can also see the benefits of tetahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, for pain severity, seizures caused by epilepsy, and more. Many customers know the THC for its psychoactive component could get you “high,” although a full spectrum CBD product has a small percentage of THC could help with symptoms due to Parkinson’s, epilepsy and more. Always consult your doctor or visit a dispensary with Certified Consultants like Go Green about which CBD options would be the best fit for your health concerns.

Reason 1: Your CBD products might not be from a reputable source

Always ask where you got your CBD product, whether it is from a reputable CBD shop or a vape shop. With CBD’s growth in popularity, sometimes the best places to buy CBD isn’t at an online site or a third party seller’s site, due to the lack of third-party lab testing information there is on these products. Unfortunately, some of these products might not have a high quality of CBD due to the lack of regulation in the industry where scammers can take full advantage of selling low-quality products for a cheaper rate. Not only that scammers could be selling CBD products that will claim to be more potent than they actually are, making them low effective when taken by consumers.

Tips on how to avoid these low performing CBD products is to always look out for a product’s third-party lab testing information. Another way to find the right high quality CBD product is to listen or read other customer’s commentary about any particular CBD product you might want to purchase. Last but not least, choose the best CBD products from a reputable brand like Hemplucid, Green Roads and Canna Hemp that have received awards for their quality assurance. Even with different established CBD brands, each product is formulated differently than others and sometimes consumers have to try a multitude of products through trial and error to find the right fit for them.

Reason 2: Have it build up within your system

Finding the right dosage could be tricky for first-time buyers since each person’s dose can differ from one another due to their absorption and metabolism rates. According to the experts at Healthline’s Medical Network (HMN) they recommend customers to start with a low dose of 20 to 40 milligrams a day to find each individuals’ “sweet spot.” Sometimes consumers might start at an even lower dose to be able to find the right milligram dosage per day, dividing six to eight drops of CBD oil twice a day to achieve all-day relief. Sticking to a daily dosage can help sustain a small amount of CBD in your body that can help stimulate the endocannabinoid system that works within our bodies to help homeostasis. Within time, micro-dosing can also help customers find the right dosage for longterm use. Tracking your individual doses of oil can also help a consumer find out what time intervals and milligram strength work best for your daily CBD regimen.

It is possible for long term consumers to build up a tolerance to CBD just like any individual would to other chemicals and drugs. If you feel as if your usual daily dose of CBD isn’t working, you could take a day or two of rest to reset your system before starting with a low dose of oil again.

Reason 3: You Need to give it more time

For many individuals, immediate results aren’t too common with CBD. This natural remedy isn’t fast acting as some of the pharmaceutical pills and drugs out there on the market since it works best if taken on a daily regimen. Some consumers might begin to feel the difference within a few weeks of starting their CBD dosage or even up to a month. To benefit from CBD’s long term effects, it takes a certain amount of time and commitment to finding the right dosage and regimen for each person.

If you’re not seeing any results after a few months of use, move on to another CBD brand/product. Exercising patience can be frustrating when using CBD, but you might be grateful that you didn’t give up on the product that can help with long-term relief.

Reason 4: You Might Need a Different Delivery System

There are many different ways to take CBD, one of the most popular CBD trends involve taking a sublingual oil/tincture for different ailments. Although there is an assortment of CBD products out there on the market that range from vapes, creams, bath bombs, and much more. The most common form of CBD products are tinctures, topical creams, vape oils/cartridges, capsules, and edibles like gummies or lollipops.

If your initial delivery system (whether it is an oil, vape, etc.) isn’t working, then try a different form that might work better for you. Another factor that can be affecting your CBD intake is the products bioavailability or the amount of CBD that is absorbed into your system. For example, if a CBD gummy processes through your digestive tract this indicates that the product’s bioavailability is comparably lower than a tincture or a vape. With an oil/tincture, the CBD is taken sublingually and quickly is absorbed into your bloodstream faster compared to an edible.

It is important to also pick out a product that is most effective for your needs. For example, a CBD cream might not be a good option for anxiety, but a cream might be a great option for knee pain or sore joints.

Reason 5: CBD Might Not Be for You

Even though CBD’s popularity is booming, it isn’t a miracle drug that will work for every individual. Sometimes after all your efforts, it’s possible that it might not work for your specific needs.

Each individual’s absorption levels and reactions to CBD depends on their metabolism, genetics, and biochemistry. The endocannabinoid system that helps your body interact with the active medicinal properties within cannabis might operate differently than others, making it hard for CBD to be properly absorbed in your system.

In the New York Time’s article, The Feel Good Gene, clinical psychiatry doctors have noted the possibility that 20% of Americans may have a genetic mutation that makes them produce more endocannabinoids in their body. Since CBD works organically to improve an individual’s endocannabinoid system, these individuals using CBD might not see any results due to this high efficiency.

With every natural remedy, CBD isn’t a one size fits all medicinal property. If CBD isn’t for you, ask your doctor about other natural herbs and remedies that could help treat your ailment.

Finding the Right CBD Product Takes Time… and a bit of Research

Due to the small amount of research and regulation, CBD experts are still trying to find the best practices and regimens for each individual who is looking for a natural remedy to help relieve their pain, anxiety, and other ailments. Although the one guarantee about CBD is that it takes patience and time to find the right dosage, regimen, and delivery method for each individual person out there who wants to give CBD a try.

Budget-minded consumers could always start their journey into CBD by purchasing a tincture with a low amount of milligrams or an edible that isn’t as pricy as a high milligram CBD product.  Nonetheless, if you have any questions about what CBD can do for you and how to start your own personal regimen, Go Green Botanicals certified consultants are here to help.

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