Who is Go Green Botanicals?

We are a health and wellness advocate for the community through natural remedies. We want to be recognized as an asset to our communities by bringing the highest quality CBD products at the best price, when our customer request it. We want to be a resource for information and education on cannabidiol CBD products and it’s benefits for individuals who seek to take ownership of their health and wellness.

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pure natural cbd infused products

Are You New To CBD?

When beginning  pure natural CBD infused products, it’s best to start with the smallest dose possible. As with any new product, it is important to become familiar with how your body responds to CBD before increasing the dose.

How CBD Affects The Body

How CBD Affects The Body

It is important to maintain a complete and healthy diet. Our Whole-Plant CBD from hemp contains more than CBD. The hemp plant is a natural source of vitamins and minerals: B complex vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids, essential amino acids, fiber, and other cannabinoids.

pure natural cbd infused products

CBD in Texas

CBD Hemp Oil in Texas can be purchased in stores and online. These natural supplements are a suspension of the organic compound cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is extracted from the industrial hemp plant which is currently being legally cultivated in many states, including Texas.

Selecting your natural CBD product

It’s important to understand that it’s not one product or one dose fits all, it’s trial & error to see what fits best for your body. No CBD is guaranteed to work, but the results we’ve seen have been amazing! Every CBD you see here has gone through our extensive vetting process to insure the quality, cleanness, chemical free and pesticide free with our products.

When dosing, it’s important to start off as small as possible and increase gradually to find that perfect dose which is what we call our “Sweet spot”. Once our customers find that sweet spot, they know to stay with that dose amount. We have seen a great deal of positive changes in our customers lives and truly believe in our products.

pure natural cbd infused products
What are the different types of CBD products?
CBD-infused products come in all shapes and sizes, and more are being created every day. The most common CBD products include oil tinctures, edibles, drinkables, vape products, and topicals. At Go Green Botanicals, we carry a large inventory in all of these categories to suit the various preferences of our customers. Check out our CBD product lineup!
What are CBD-infused products?
CBD-infused products are just that: traditional products infused with CBD oil or isolate. Infused products include everything from edibles to topicals. To be considered a CBD-only product, it must contain less than 0.3% THC.
What does CBD feel like?
Each individual will feel different sensations when using CBD. Some describe it as a high without the high, a blanket of calm and tranquility, or pain-relieving. When using topical CBD products, a generous application can help to ease muscle tension, joint pain, or other discomforts. You may also feel tingling, warming, or cooling sensations thanks to other included ingredients.
Will CBD show up on a drug test?
CBD could show up on a drug test. While the trace amounts of THC in CBD products may not be enough to trigger a positive result for a THC-only test, some tests are also looking for CBD. Understand the drug screen that you’ll be completing and then determine whether you think you can use CBD. When in doubt, always assume that it will appear on a drug test.
Are CBD-infused products legal?
Yes, CBD products with less than 0.3% THC are federally legal. It’s essential to choose products that make their Certificate of Analysis (or COA) available to the public, so you can confirm your product fits within the legal range. Educate yourself on your state guidelines and laws to feel comfortable making a wellness choice that includes CBD products.
Are all CBD gummies infused?
Not all! Some CBD gummies are coated or sprayed with CBD. Each type has unique benefits, but infused gummies may have a better flavor. With many options to choose from, you can try new products to find the one that has the right ingredients and sensations for you.
Is pure natural CBD ok?
We think that pure natural CBD is more than ok. It’s GREAT! We source products with pure and natural CBD to ensure you have a consistent, quality experience.
Does CBD get you high?
Most people do not feel high when using CBD. You may have a slight euphoric feeling when using our products. Some methods, like vaping or smoking hemp, may yield results that can mimic some of the sensations you’d feel when you consume THC products; however, in most cases, the results are a calm and soothing experience.
our clients testimonials

Our Client Testimonials

  • – Lacee C

    “The staff is amazing! Every product I have bought is a success!”

  • – Robert C

    ”It worked wonders, allowing me to sleep without any pain or discomfort when I moved. Thank you!”
  • – Mary D

    ”My sister first bought my son a lollipop, worked great! No naeusea, headaches, or tiredness. I finally have my cheerful happy son again.”
  • – Jay L

    ”Very caring and knowledgeable staff answered all my CBD questions.”
  • – Mary V

    “Excellent results after taking CBD oil. No more arthritis pain from fx ribs, knee & foot. Boost of energy & even helps with bowels!”

What are CBD Infused Products from Go Green Botanicals?

At Go Green Botanicals, we offer CBD infused products at a fraction of the cost of retail. These products are made from the highest quality ingredients and work exceptionally well for a variety of uses! We are not only committed to selling CBD infused products but also to helping educate our customers about the plethora of ways they can be used!

What are the Benefits of CBD Infused Products?

In addition to the many potential benefits of the cannabis plant, CBD also offers benefits without the unwanted effects. One of the biggest benefits of CBD infused products is that they are federally legalized! Explore our blog to learn more about CBD infused products! Anecdotal accounts suggest that most people find it useful in reducing anxious or stressful feelings. Many people also report that it may support their efforts to reduce mild aches, tension, and muscle stiffness.

Can Pets Use CBD?

YES! CBD infused products are good for your furry friends too! There are many CBD infused products with canine benefits, as well as feline benefits. Whether your pet is potty training or in their final years, CBD helps to support the endocannabinoid system and can give your furry friend a pep in their step. Introducing your pets to CBD is a great way to help sustain balance for the entire family! Enjoy the feline and canine benefits of CBD infused products for pets!

Why Do We Believe in Pure Natural CBD Products?

There are many benefits of CBD, especially when they come from pure natural hemp plants, and aren’t muddied by unnecessary additives. Pure natural CBD products are the best option to receive the benefits of hemp. Unnatural ingredients and fillers can reduce the efficacy of the natural ingredients and wreak havoc your body. Choose pure natural CBD products to maximize the potential benefits, and give your endocannabinoid system the support it deserves.

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