Delivering Across New Braunfels

From CBD to CBG and THCa to THCV, we carry legal products that you can have delivered right to you in and around New Braunfels, same day. Explore our THCa strains and all other products at either link below.

Order before 2pm and receive the same day! Anything after 2pm will be there the next day.

What is CBD Delivery?

That’s simple! It’s getting your favorite CBD, Delta 8 THC, CBG and CBN products delivered right to your door! The process is faster and simpler than shipping because you can get your products delivered the same day. Depending on the time of day that you order, you can have your CBD in just a few hours or the next morning!

CBD delivery is an easy and convenient way to get all your CBD products in the New Braunfels area without leaving the house. Stock up on your favorite CBD or Delta 8 THC oil or try something new. Check out the wide variety of high-quality CBD products at Go Green Botanicals.

Simple Delivery Pricing

Looking for the fastest and most affordable way to get CBD delivered right to your door or your workplace? Our rates are very affordable. Save on shipping and get your products sooner! Our CBD delivery service is offered for local customers. Currently, we offer CBD, CBG, CBN and Delta 8 THC delivery to the following nearby locations:

78130 – $6
78123 – $7
78132 – $7
78155 – $9
78666 – $9

78154 – $9
78108 – $9
78266 – $10
78124 – $9
78638 – $11

Don’t see your zip code listed? Drop us a line or use our online contact form.
We’re adding additional zip codes often. Delivery pricing is in addition to your total order amount.

Delivery Times

Starting May 1st, we will no longer deliver on Sundays. However we now offer same-day delivery for our early birds.
Any orders before 2pm Monday through Saturday may be delivered same day.
All orders after 2pm Monday through Friday will be delivered next day.
All orders after 2pm on Saturday will be delivered on Sunday.
All orders before 2pm Sunday will be delivered same day. Anything after 2pm is next day.


Getting your CBD, CBG, CBN and Delta 8 THC products delivered might seem just as easy as having them shipped to you (which we also offer), but there are many benefits to having your CBD delivered if you’re in the New Braunfels area.

Lower Cost

Depending on where you live, you may be able to save money on shipping! That combined with our affordable pricing on CBD, CBG, CBN and Delta 8 THC makes delivery a win-win.

Faster Delivery

The USPS has seen its fair share of slowdowns recently. Even during perfect weather, shipping is not as fast as having your products delivered. Check CBD and Delta 8 THC delivery times before ordering to find out the absolute quickest way to get your products delivered.

Less Contact

While we’re always maintaining rigorous safety standards, there are still some risks with venturing out! We’ve all learned a thing or two about the safety of staying at home. Contactless CBD, CBN, CNG and Delta 8 THC delivery right to your door limits potential exposure.

Why Choose Go Green for Delivery

As a premium wellness boutique in New Braunfels, we’re the top choice for providing CBD delivery to clients in the local New Braunfels area. Whether you’re looking for CBD vape delivery in Texas town or you want to try one of our specially curated CBD products, Go Green Botanicals is ready to serve you.

We don’t just offer quality products. We stand behind them. We provide our customers with a hassle-free shopping process that’s also educational and fun. Not only will you get the best CBD delivery service but you can also learn more about the products we offer. Our staff is trained to educate customers about the benefits of each CBD product, which allows us to help our customers make informed decisions. Whether you’re brand new to CBD or you’ve been using it for years, we’ll help you choose a product that is effective and specially selected for your needs!

Not in one of our delivery areas? That’s A-OK! You can still get the highest quality CBD products shipped anywhere in the country from our CBD boutique in New Braunfels, Texas. Our friendly staff is available to discuss the benefits of CBD and the various consumption methods available. Prefer a lower contact experience? Shop our extensive selection of CBD products online 24/7 and have them shipped right to your door!

New Braunfels

Whether you love delicious delta-8 gummies or you’re into more traditional CBD tinctures, you can get CBD delivery in New Braunfels from Go Green Botanicals. Our products are formulated with high-quality ingredients and our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you choose a product that’s perfect for your needs. Having your favorite products delivered is a safe and convenient option that means you can enjoy the benefits of our CBD without ever having to leave the house.


Getting your CBD in McQueeney doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore. Instead of having to head out to the store to pick up your products, let Go Green Botanicals deliver them to YOU. With McQueeney CBD delivery, you can get premium products without any of the problems that come from having to go out to get your CBD.


With things like Lake Dunlap and Son’s Island, there’s always something fun to do in Seguin. But, who wants to battle the traffic of these popular locales just to pick up their CBD? Instead, get it without leaving home with Seguin CBD delivery from Go Green Botanicals. Whether you’re new to CBD or are already familiar with it, we can help you find your favorite products and choose the right options for your needs.
canna river pet cbd

San Marcos

There’s so much to do in San Marcos (especially tubing at Rio Vista), but that doesn’t always mean you want to be out and about! Sometimes you want to (or need to) stay home. Whether you’re trying to beat the crowds, the heat or for any other reason, not leaving home sometimes sounds like a good idea. But, what happens when you need your CBD?! Don’t go out to get it. Instead get San Marcos CBD tincture delivery from Go Green Botanicals. We offer everything from tinctures to edibles and fun topical products! Our professional staff will help educate you while selecting all the best CBD and delta-8 products for your needs.
clear bears


Schertz is Texas Hill Country at its finest. If you’re in Schertz and looking for the best CBD products, you might be wondering where to find it. The best is from Go Green Botanicals. And what’s even better than that? You can get CBD delivery in Schertz from Go Green! Whether you’re a newbie and want to see what the CBD hype is all about or you’re a pro looking for something a little different (may we suggest delta-8?), you can find it from Go Green Botanicals.
vape kit


When you don’t want to head out to purchase your CBD or you really can’t delta-8 and drive, Cibolo CBD delivery is the perfect option. We’ve got a selection of the finest CBD products at reasonable prices. Let our staff help you select products that work for your specific needs and situation while also providing you with the highest quality shopping experience.

Garden Ridge

For those long, lazy Garden Ridge summer days where you don’t want to do anything, having to leave the house just to pick up CBD can be a real bummer. Instead of going out, get CBD delivery in Garden Ridge. At Go Green Botanicals, we help create a pleasant shopping experience online, over the phone and in person. Let our knowledgeable staff help you select your products and have them delivered right to your door.

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