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Unique Winter CBD Products

Enhance your holidays with a variety of products from Go Green Botanicals! By procuring the finest quality unique CBD products, Go Green Botanicals is a health and wellness champion for the CBD industry and its consumers. CBD is commonly used to help support wellness journeys and help users accomplish their goals. There’s a myriad of options to choose from to help curate the exact relaxing experience you might be looking for this season. Let’s get into the practical uses of CBD for winter, different cozy CBD products available and how to use CBD. 

Using Our Products

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant that has beneficial healing properties. With the expansion of the industry, there are hundreds of products and uses for CBD available on the market. Topical creams, oils, soaps and lotions, to vapes, tinctures, teas and yummy treats for both pets and humans. That being said, the recommended uses and dosages will vary between products. For example, oral CBD products are ingested and activated once they reach your liver and bloodstream, while topical CBD products are applied externally and react by igniting cannabinoid receptors in the skin. You can apply CBD topically right on a spot of irritation for fast-acting ease. Whether it’s a bruise, dry skin, muscle cramp or chapped lips, topicals are a popular pick for any individual of any lifestyle. You can find a perfect method to incorporate seamlessly to your day-to-day life as there are a multitude of applications available, including sprays, lotions, rollerballs and soaps. Go Green Botanicals currently offers cozy CBD products like a face cleanser, foot cream, sunburn relief spray and an overall relief spray. 

The positives that CBD brings to its users are invaluable and have clearly taken the cannabis industry by storm. Primarily, winter CBD helps to relax your overall being — something that everyone can appreciate, especially in these cold, dark months! Between pushing out the last bit of productivity at work for Q4, hitting the slopes for a weekend or even warming up with your morning coffee and some cozy CBD, some added relaxation and restoration is always welcomed. With the steady growth of demand for more CBD products, there are now numerous fun, easy and creative ways to get that added boost of alleviation throughout your day.

Unique CBD Product Uses

Imagine you are going about your usual morning routine, coffee mug in hand. However, when you take it from the cupboard, you notice it’s a bit colder to the touch than usual. And lo, winter is here! What could be a better way to add some extra coziness to your schedule than with a cup of CBD-infused Joe? Go Green Botanicals has three delicious varieties of CBD coffee blends to choose from to give you just that — Mexican Chocolate, Texas Pecan and Viennese. The mellowing effects of CBD help to balance the caffeine buzz from the coffee and allow you to have a much more comprehensive experience. 

Speaking of tasty winter CBD treats, with the CFL oral spray, you could add a special element to any cookie, gingerbread man or fruit cake. Coming inside from the cold weather to a warm, relaxing treat is sure to keep festive spirits high and bright. If you might be looking for something a little stronger after hitting the mountainside, ice rink or a snowball fight, a plethora of gummies and other edibles are available as well. The Go Green Gummies product line offers flavors and dosages — including cherry, watermelon and peach, ranging from 10, 25 and 1000mg. Since CBD is untraceable to taste, you won’t have to compromise flavor for effectiveness.

Additional Offerings

It’s safe to say that most of us have experienced stiff joints, irritated skin and the occasional seasonal blues during the winter… so why wouldn’t our animals, too? Go Green Botanicals has unique CBD products curated to accommodate our furry friends. Between chewy treats and chicken-flavored infused oils, you can help your companion have the coziest winter alongside you this year. If you have been considering using more gentle methods to pamper your pooch, then look no further, as there’s no better time to try integrating CBD into their diets to aid with any symptoms of the season they may be experiencing! Next time you are you going over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house for the holidays, consider giving your pet some of these CBD products to help with the travel jitters. 

This winter, don’t forget to give yourself the gift of full restorative support. You can find Go Green Botanicals products either through our brick and mortar in New Braunfels, Texas or via our online store at Shop our cozy CBD products


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