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Creative Ways to Work CBD into Your Routine

CBD’s popularity within our society in the last decade has skyrocketed, and along with any new product, trial and error are to be expected. A CBD routine may be able to bring a huge value to some users’ lives! However, many are tasked with navigating the learning stage of: how do I incorporate this as efficiently and frugally as possible into my lifestyle? We’re going to dive into answering that question and helping you with the uses for CBD! Go Green Botanicals offers the highest quality unique CBD products at competitive prices, and we are here to serve the community as a CBD educational and informational resource. 

Unique Topical CBD Products

The uses for CBD are numerous but can be narrowed down into a few categories: topicals, edibles and inhalable products. Topicals are a popular choice due to their versatility, as they can offer alleviation and compatibility to just about any lifestyle. There are a variety of applications available, including soaps, creams and bath bombs – you can choose the appropriate approach that best supports your health goals. 

Edible CBD for Your Routine

Next, we have CBD edible products. Everybody eats, right? To maximize an experience you have multiple times a day, try adding in some natural ingredients that will truly fuel your mind and body. Edible CBD products offer the same fast-acting relief that topicals do, and come in some delicious options, such as Giraffe Nuts, Immunity Gummies, and Oral Spray.

Smoking and Vaping

Lastly, the old-school method of vaping or smoking CBD. Some users prefer to use CBD this way as it is reported to have both a quicker and stronger delivery of relief compared to the others. You can either smoke the CBD flower, or vape the CBD concentrate, and both methods act by being absorbed into your bloodstream through your lungs, bypassing the digestive system, quickly delivering a full-body and brain relaxation.

Now to the fun part – the selection! Go Green Botanicals has unique CBD products for everyone’s wish list, with items guaranteed to fit beautifully into your CBD routine. Our Lavender Face Mask is simply divine and can be used to treat yourself to some serious TLC. In minutes, you’ll feel as though you’re on a rejuvenating getaway, experiencing an utterly relaxing sensation. Water-based CBD is used in these exquisite masks to promote optimum absorption as well as the pureness of ingredients.

Soap and water never go out of style, they are the most fundamental of all skincare products. Go Green Botanicals vegan, cruelty-free soaps are made of 100% natural ingredients, such as cleansing and hydrating coconut oil. These soaps come in eucalyptus and lavender scents and contain 60mg of nano-CBD. 

In the market for a more gentle cleanser that can be used from face to feet? Take a look at our Face and Body Cleanser. All the micro-goodness of CBD is included, such as essential fatty acids and rich phytonutrients. To finish your CBD-infused skincare routine, apply the ultra-hydrating Free and Clear Lotion. 

Let’s take it up a notch from the realm of beauty and cleansing, and jump into the luxury of self-care with CBD — Go Green Botanicals has an array of topical products to bring that extra dose of ease to aid in your wellness CBD routine. Remember that getaway we mentioned earlier? Imagine adding some Massage Oil to that vision. Whether you are treating yourself or a partner, this massage oil is sure to moisturize and provide your skin with extra ECS support. Or better yet, our eucalyptus and peppermint-filled Recovery Cream for additional cooling care to soothe any muscle aches, cramps or pains. For the cherry on top, try one of our Sleep or Calm Bath Bombs. These scrumptious spheres contain approximately 60mg of CBD and are filled with essential oils to soothe the skin and senses. Utilizing CBD doesn’t have to be difficult, and in fact, can be an incredibly easy replacement to items most of us already use to unwind after a long day. 

The uses of CBD are multiplying by the day, and the constant increase in consumption of unique CBD products has certainly taken cannabis marketing and product innovation to the next level. We now have a plethora of options to maintain your complete health and wellness CBD routine. At Go Green Botanicals, our goal is to bring awareness to the benefits of CBD, as well as the ease with which these benefits can be brought into your daily regimen to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can find our products either online via our online store, or in person at our brick and mortar in New Braunfels, Texas!

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