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CBD Cocktail Recipes to Beat the Heat this Summer

The long, hot days are upon us — or maybe you’re just dreaming of them. Either way, why not enjoy summer with a CBD infused cocktail or mocktail to enhance the longest days of the year?! CBD alcohol drinks and mocktails are being mixed across the country. With a little creativity, you can enjoy delicious CBD infused cocktails at home

Experimenting with CBD Alcohol Drinks

Bartenders have long been putting twists on classic drinks and inventing new ones to keep your tastebuds happy. The splash of alcohol can also bring a welcome relaxing effect. Now with CBD cocktails, the game has leveled up with interesting new flavor combinations and the potential for CBD-influenced effects. 

We’ve put together a guide to making your own CBD infused cocktails ranging from simple to spectacular. So get creative and have some fun making the best CBD drinks with alcohol right at home.

Easy to Make CBD Cocktails

We get it — not everyone wants to be a bartender. And when the pool or patio is calling, you just want to grab your favorite drink and get back out there. For the easiest and best CBD drinks with alcohol, you have two choices: 

  1. Add CBD to your drink. The high-end bartenders call it a “float,” but you can easily spike your drink with CBD oil at home. The technique gets its name because the oil floats on top of your beverage, allowing you to enjoy the aroma as you sip. Add it at the bottom or top, your call. Gently stir as desired.

CBD Oils to try:

  1. Add alcohol to a CBD-infused drink. This is about as easy as it gets because it’s just like mixing a regular alcoholic beverage. Find a CBD infused drink you love, and add a shot of alcohol. Easy! 

CBD Beverages to try:

If you want to get a bit fancier with your CBD alcohol drinks, keep reading for three great CBD cocktail recipes.

Mixing Tips for CBD Cocktails

Natural CBD oil can have an earthy smell and taste to it. Some people love it, while others prefer flavored or flavorless CBD oil. When you’re mixing up CBD infused cocktails, consider these suggestions for a drink you and your guests will love. 

  • Bring the flavor and smell of CBD to the front by floating CBD oil on top of your drink.
  • Try a CBD drink and add ice and a shot, top it with a splash of juice, soda or syrup. 
  • Pair CBD with complementary earthy, smokey, herbaceous and citrus ingredients.
  • Try adding CBD to drinks made with gin, bourbon or mezcal.  
  • Add herbs like rosemary, mint or sage
  • Citrus, ginger, matcha and hops also go great with CBD.

Or look for flavored CBD products. The most common flavor we see is mint, which would be great in soda-based and citrus cocktails.

Delicious CBD Cocktail Recipes

These are three of the best CBD drinks with alcohol that we have made and enjoyed — fun twists on three classics. Of course, you can turn any of these three CBD cocktail recipes into mocktail or virgin recipes, just hold the alcohol. And you can add CBD to any cocktail or mocktail.

Moscow Mule

CBD adds depth to this ginger and citrus favorite, and your guests will be asking for the secret ingredient! (Note: Please do not secretly spike your friends’ drinks with CBD.) Make it a Kentucky Mule by using bourbon instead of vodka.

1-2 oz Vodka
½ oz Fresh lime juice
4 oz Ginger beer
15mg CBD oil or tincture
Lime slice for garnish

Add all ingredients to a glass filled with crushed ice (yes, it tastes better this way). Stir gently, garnish with lime, and serve. 

Mezcal Margarita

Smokey, citrusy and oh-so-refreshing. The recipe below is a classic, but try experimenting with cilantro, jalapeno or other citrus fruit — grapefruit is delicious!

1-2 oz Mezcal
½ oz Triple Sec
1 oz Fresh lime juice
½ oz Agave nectar
15mg CBD oil or tincture
Lime slice for garnish

Rim a glass with salt.
Combine all ingredients in an ice shaker with ice.
Shake, then strain over fresh ice into the rimmed glass.
Garnish with a slice of lime. 

CBD Bloody Mary

If you have a favorite Bloody Mary recipe, use it! There are so many fun variations of spices and garnishes, but this Bloody Mary recipe from the Pioneer Woman is our go-to base, and we like to add a dropper of natural or flavorless full-spectrum CBD tincture.

1-2 oz Vodka
¾ C. Tomato juice
2 Tbsp. Lemon juice
2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
2 Dashes of hot sauce
¼ tsp. Prepared horseradish
1 Pinch of celery salt
1 Pinch of black pepper
15mg CBD oil or tincture
Celery stalk for garnish

Rim your glass with celery salt.
Add all ingredients.
Stir well.
Add ice and garnish with celery.

Have fun with garnishes like bacon, lemon, lime, pickles, green olives, spicy beans or pickled asparagus.

Shop Go Green for quality CBD tinctures and drinks to make your favorite CBD infused cocktails. Stay cool.

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