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Top Five CBD Trends

CBD is one of the most powerful cannabinoids in its revolutionary effects, as the demand for CBD-dominant products is increasing across all consumer markets. CBD has many palpable benefits that users know and love, which have been integrated organically into the health and wellness space. Go Green Botanicals offers the highest quality CBD and the best price, and we have identified five of the top CBD trends within the industry today and the best CBD brands to start a new health trend in your life.

  1. Stress Management

It’s no secret that CBD is a cannabinoid devoid of psychoactive properties that provides users with a full-fledged relaxation of both mind and body. Managing stress is particularly important in today’s world, and there is a huge movement toward incorporating more calming habits into our daily lives. 

Go Green Botanicals has a variety of CBD products, including gummies, topicals and vape cartridges, all from the best CBD brands on the market. Our gummies come in different quantities, flavors and CBD content, so there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. For topicals, we love CBD face and body cleansers, foot creams, balms and lotions. One of the most popular ways of using CBD is topically, as the effects are more concentrated to relieve pain directly from the spots where product is applied. If inhaling CBD is best for you, we have a great line of CBD disposable cartridges, all of which will give a smooth calming effect to evaporate stress.

  1. Immunity Boosts

Keeping your immune system strong and healthy directly affects your overall well-being, and both CBD and CBG have seats at that table. CBG is one of many cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, and is non-psychoactive, a great tool in pain management, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have found that CBG binds to the same receptors as THC, allowing it to address more nervous-system issues, while CBD tends to be more effective for overall immunity and mood-related conditions. Combining the two creates an unbeatable wellness product that is easy to use, delicious, and keeps you operating at your best. 

You can find the best CBG gummies in our online store at gogreenbotanicals.com. All of Go Green Botanical’s gummies are vegan, as we prioritize a better product for both the planet and our health. We have combo CBG and CBD gummies in a tasty mixed berry flavor (two packs and 10 packs), packed with elderberry, zinc, vitamin C and B-12, with zero THC content. We carry that same delicious flavor with the same beneficial ingredients in an immunity pop as well. The rise of CBG is coming in hot, and we are happy to be a part of the wave by offering the best CBG gummies and lollipops around.

  1. Keep It Easy

Another huge trend in CBD is its ease of use with the many different products available. We all live busy lives and need an option that fits best with our schedules. That’s why we carry one of the best relief elixirs from Canna Hemp, among the best CBD brands out there. This CBD tincture is discreet and highly convenient, as you can add a few drops of relieving CBD to any beverage on hand, even water! Make any drink a calming, euphoric experience to keep up with your daily grind.

  1. A Good Night’s Sleep

Due to CBD’s calming effects, many users incorporate it into their nighttime routines to ensure a fully-rested evening. They say our quality of sleep is one of the most vital factors in our overall health and wellness, and we take that seriously at Go Green Botanicals. We offer a double whammy of relaxation with our Melatonin Neon Bears gummies, packed with 10mg CBD and 5mg melatonin in every bear. Completely THC-free and guaranteed quality ensured with every bite, you can quite literally rest assured as you are ending your day with these bears.

  1. New Cannabinoids: HHC vs Delta 8

Finally, what would trends be without some novelty? HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, is a recently-marketed cannabinoid that has similar psychoactive properties as Delta 8 and Delta 9, and is likewise known to cause serene, euphoric effects. However, when comparing HHC vs Delta 8, you will find that HHC is more potent overall.

HHC cannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors differently than Delta 8, and therefore varying degrees of experiences have been reported. Go Green carries an array of HHC products, including gummies and pre-rolls, and we encourage you to start with small doses to find the perfect amount for you.

We also carry one of the best CBD brands offering Delta 8 live resin carts: 3Chi. With strains such as Godfather OG, Candy Kushband and Blue Biscotti, all carts come with 1ml of Delta 8 THC oil, 30% remediated live resin and 5% CBC. Sample a little of each and enjoy the HHC vs Delta 8 experience!

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