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Recommended CBD Dosage

Trying to figure out the recommended CBD dosage can be difficult especially if you’ve never used any type of CBD products before. There is no proper CBD oil dosage that works for everyone, but instead, you’ll need to find the best CBD dosage for your needs! 

Consider Your Tolerance

The way that your body reacts to different substances plays a big part in figuring out the proper CBD dosage for you. While you can start out with the recommended CBD dosage, you may want to try something different depending on your tolerance. If you have used CBD products in the past, use that to gauge your tolerance. Similarly, if you have used other cannabis products that have both CBD and THC in them, you may want to increase your dosage because your tolerance may be higher. Another thing to consider is how long you have been using cannabis products and how long it has been since you last used them. All of these factors could impact your tolerance which could lead to the necessity of a higher starting dose.

Start Small and Build Up if Necessary

Many people begin noticing the effects of CBD with just 5mg of a sublingual tincture. Because of this, it is considered the best CBD dosage to start with. While there are some who are comfortable with staying at that dose and who continue enjoying the benefits of CBD at that dose, others may want to increase it slightly to figure out if it will give them even more effects. 

Talk to Your Doctor

The best place you can get advice about your personal medical situation when using anything new is at your doctor’s office. While not all doctors are open to talking with their patients about the benefits of using CBD products, many are not only coming around to the idea but have also learned more about it through different training programs. Even if you are not sure where your doctor stands on the benefits of CBD, it is still important to talk with them when you start using new CBD products. Your doctor will likely not recommend a CBD dosage to you, but having things information can help them adjust any medications or treatment plans that you’re currently on.

Influential Factors 

The proper CBD dose is different for everyone because there are so many variables that go into taking CBD products. The medication that you currently take along with any conditions that you have can impact your usage which means that you may need to raise or lower your dosage. Another factor to consider is alcohol and cannabis use because they can change the way your body reacts to CBD. As with most other things that you put into or on your body, your weight and body composition will play a part in how you react to CBD. A person who weighs more may want to start with a higher dose while a person who weighs less may want to start even lower than the recommended CBD dosage. 

Try Pre-Dosed CBD Products 

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to get the best CBD dosage is by choosing a product that is pre-dosed. Options like gummies and other edibles are easy to get the right dose with because the perfect amount is already infused into it. Even with these products, though, some people may find that they need slightly more or less  — and may want to break it into halves or double up! 

Even if you don’t want to start out with a product like an edible, you can still find the best CBD dosage with products like tinctures that have the right amount marked on the dropper. 

Your Desired Effects

Some people describe the feeling they get from CBD as more of a not feeling because it takes away some of the negative things they’re feeling when they take it. While this is mostly true, this usually happens when it is taken in very small doses. When it comes down to it, your dosage is going to depend on what you want your CBD products to do for you. Do you want to have more of a subtle effect? Or, do you want your CBD to be more noticeable? Increasing your dose of CBD can help make it stronger. While you won’t feel as strong of effects as you would if you took a THC-based product, you can still feel something.

At Go Green Botanicals, we work to not only provide high-quality CBD products to our customers but also help them better understand how CBD works and can be beneficial for the human body. By providing helpful information, like helpful articles on the recommended CBD oil dosage, we can help you become more successful with CBD use. Proper CBD oil dosage is just one area that could impact your use! If you have questions about the best CBD dosage or any of our products, please use our convenient contact form

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