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The Top 6 Delta 10 Products You Will Love

While there has been a lot of discussion lately about Delta 9 and Delta 8, Delta 10 is a remarkable product that should not be overlooked. At Go Green Botanicals, we are huge fans of Delta 10 and want you to know why it’s so great. If you are not sure what Delta 10 is, keep reading! While it may not make much numerical sense, you can think of Delta 10 on a scale between Delta 8 and Delta 9. Delta 10 is considered a step up from the impacts of Delta 8, but does not quite hit the intense effects of Delta 9, or typical cannabis. Delta 10 is best used to achieve a relaxing or even uplifting feeling, without the paranoia or anxiety that is commonly associated with other Delta variants. Delta 10 is still new to the CBD community and will be fully researched before long. But for now, let us share with you our top six Delta 10 products you will absolutely love, including Delta 10 gummies, Delta 10 flower, Delta 10 disposable vape, and Delta 10 cart or cartridge. 

  1. Elyxr 1g Delta 10 Disposable Vape

The Elyxr 1g D10 is a Delta 10 cartridge, also known as a Delta 10 cart, that boosts feelings of euphoria and increased focus. This Elyxr comes in three delicious flavors for your vaping pleasure: Grape Ape, Rainbow Candy and Sundae Driver. This Delta 10 cartridge is actually a solution of between 10 and 15% Delta 10 with another 75 to 80% Delta 8. This Delta 10 cart mix offers a great middle ground between the standard calming effects of Delta 8 and the potential paranoia effects of Delta 9, or THC. Try this Delta 10 disposable vape today!

10g D10 Flower

The next two are both Delta 10 flower — something everyone will love. Go Green Botanicals offers two different but highly potent Delta 10 THC strains: Gelato and Citron. The Gelato Delta 10 flower is considered a hybrid combination, while the Citron is sativa. 

  1. Citron 10g D10 Flower

The Citron Delta 10 flower strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid from the lineage of Limeade Fuel. Going along with its name, the Citron Delta 10 flower gives off aromas of citrus, lemon and earthy tones. The feeling produced by using the Citron Delta 10 flower is that of energy and creativity. The Delta 10 flower is created by using small CBD Hemp flower buds and spraying with CBD/Delta 10 oil and dusting with kief. 

  1. Gelato 10g D10 Flower

The Gelato Delta 10 flower is a fan favorite of our community at Go Green Botanicals due to its impressive versatility and similarly impressive low price point. Similar to its cousin the Citron sativa strain, the Gelato Delta 10 flower is also a hybrid. Each Gelato Delta 10 flower product is 10g and was created by spraying CBD Hemp small flower buds with CBD and Delta 10 oil, followed by a dusting with kief. The aroma attached to the Gelato Delta 10 flower is described as musky and earthy and produces feelings of chill and calmness to those that use it. 

  1. Delta 10 Gummies Vegan

For those of you that are really into edibles, this is the product for you! Delta 10 gummies are a new product for Go Green Botanicals and have been wildly popular. The Delta 10 gummies have similar effects as our also wildly popular Delta 8 gummies. Delta 10 gummies, however, are infused with our highly potent Delta 10 THC oil and have a strawberry pineapple taste. These Delta 10 gummies are recommended to be used only one at a time, but are safe for use during the day. 

  1. Elyxr Party Pack D10 Gummies

Our 25mg Delta 10 THC gummies deliver an uplifting and energetic body sensation. They come in 500mg packs with 20 pieces each containing 25mg for a complete party experience. The Elyxr Party Pack D10 Gummies come in a large 20 pack with multiple flavors. Each Delta 10 gummy is said to produce energetic body sensations.

  1. Roll 1g Citron Kief D10

One of our newest products is a Delta 10 infused kief joint containing 1 gram of Delta 10 hemp flower in an organic Raw King Size cone, then rolled in highly-potent D10 infused kief. You won’t be disappointed with this unique Delta 10 product. We utilize the Citron flower strain, so you will have notes of citrus, lemon and earthy tones. Infused pre-rolls are unique, powerful and delicious.

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At Go Green Botanicals, our first and foremost priority is to provide a helpful and supportive community for all of your CBD questions. We pride ourselves on serving all of our customers with the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. Go Green offers Delta 10 gummies, Delta 10 disposable vape, Delta 10 cart and Delta 10 flower!  Shop Delta 10 cartridge, flower and more!

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