can CBD for kids improve sleep?

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Can CBD for kids improve sleep? Dr. Joseph Dombrowsky from El Paso, TX’s  8-hour Sleep Clinic has documented how an inconsistent sleep schedule could lead to large consequences and behavioral problems for young children and pre-teens in the classroom. Dombrowsky comments that “difficulty sleeping at night often manifests into poor academic and social performance.” He also comments that a lack of sleep could also lead to “attention deficit symptoms, hyperactivity, and other behavioral issues.”

Dr. Dombrowsky explains in his publication how kids with inconsistent sleep schedules are accidentally causing themselves to have jet lag symptoms. This lack of energy and focus that is associated with jet lag could hinder children’s academic and social performance inside and outside the classroom.

The best strategy for preventing inconsistent sleep patterns is to create a schedule with a consistent bedtime and wake up time. Dombrowsky suggests for parents to keep their child’s wake up and bedtime schedules the same for all seven days out of the week. With this strategy, kids are likely to be more prepared for activities and school work on Monday morning.

Along with a consistent sleep and wake time schedule, Dr. Dombrowsky suggests for parents to encourage good sleeping patterns by feeding their kids a nutritious dinner before bedtime. Last but not least, parents are also encouraged to make sure their child’s bedroom is an electronic-free zone especially when it is near bedtime.

Can CBD Oil for Kids Improve Sleep?

For kids who struggle to keep a scheduled sleep cycle, Go Green Botanicals have a variety of CBD for kids sleep options to help children go and stay asleep throughout the night. For edible options, customers have seen amazing results with gummies from the award winning brand, Green Road’s for as needed purposes to help with sleep, stress, and anxiety. Other edible options include CBD infused chamomile tea, CBD infused water, CBD infused lollipops in flavors strawberry, watermelon, cotton candy, raspberry, and more along with sugar free options.

For those who prefer a tincture under the tongue, customers have seen great results with our Sleep Elixir for chronic sleep deprivation, insomnia and muscle relaxation. Dr. Dombrowsky suggests for elementary and middle school students to sleep around 10 to 12 hours each night. High school students are recommended to sleep about 11 hours of sleep per night and to have to same wake time on weekdays and weekends. Some common signs and/or symptoms of sleep deprivation can include restlessness, snoring, and teeth grinding.

Even with a healthy sleep cycle and proper nutrition, kids and parents who are looking for help with attention deficit symptoms or improving mental clarity and focus could benefit from our Focus Elixir.

For more CBD for kids sleep options, contact us to speak to a certified consultant at any of our locations or call us at (830)608-9446

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