Best CBD Oil for Anxiety

Best CBD for Anxiety

Individuals who are curious about the benefits of CBD often wonder if the cannabinoid derived from hemp can help relieve anxiety, depression, and stress. For this edition of Go Green Botanical’s article, we wanted to discuss our best CBD oil for anxiety and depression, Canna Hemp’s Euphoria and Calm Elixir.

To get more information about the makings of these stellar CBD products, we asked Canna Hemp’s Head of Education, Darby Wilson, about the formulation and inspiration for creating the Euphoria and Calm oil and vapes.

Who Is Canna Hemp?

Canna Hemp began its journey with the belief in natural healing. “Our goal is to help bridge the gap between health care professionals and patients seeking alternative healing.” As cannabis science has developed in the treatment of ailments, our founders wanted to share natural and organic cannabis products. “We pride ourselves in only using high quality ingredients in every one of our products,” said Wilson.

Mrs. Wilson stated that “both of the Euphoria and Calm Elixir’s are infused not only with CBD, but with essential terpenes that give the oil its flavor and aroma.” Terpenes are natural aromatic chemicals that are produced naturally in hemp, giving the plant its color, taste, and added medicinal benefits. The elixirs will also contain MCT oil as it’s carrier oil, also known as one of the best lab-tested carrier oils for cannabis.

White Bottle White Dropper Top Purple Label Eurphoria Elixir

The Euphoria Elixir contains these top six essential terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool, Geraniol, a-Phellandrene, and Balencene. This specific mix of terpenes stimulates our brain receptors to help mood enhancement for depression and anxiety. For individuals who worry about lackadaisical symptoms with their depression and/or anxiety, the Euphoria’s Sativa strain also gives a natural boost of energy along with emotional clarity benefits. Some of the terpenes in the Euphoria oil like limonene can also be found in citrus fruits and other natural products.

The Calm Elixir contains seven predominate terpenes from hemp: Linalool, Myrcene, a-Phellandrene, Limonene, Terpinolene, Nerolibol, and Valencene. The elixir is indicia dominant, giving individuals a calm and relaxing aroma that our customers have used to help ease anxiety, attention deficit symptoms, etc. Just like Canna Hemp’s Euphoria oil, their Calm Elixir is formulated to help regulate stress levels in both the mind and body. The terpenes in the Calm Elixir can also be found in natural herbs like Linalool, an ingredient that can also be found in lavender.

Process To Purity

The formulation took over a year of research and testimonials to create, most were done in Israel where trials were ran and scientific data was collected.

“After gaining full understanding of all the compounds in the plant, we were able to categorize 5 areas that we really wanted to focus on to provide something in every area that a consumer may be looking for.”

The company then created the line of elixirs: Relief, Sleep, Focus, Calm, and Euphoria, the cartridges were made shortly after.


Here Is What’s Working For Others

Since our discussion with Mrs. Wilson, our certified consultants at Go Green Botanicals have gathered valuable testimonies from local customers who have been using Canna Hemp’s Euphoria and Calm elixirs and vapes. Since then we have discussed how their health, livelihoods, and emotional wellbeing have improved with the use of their CBD product.

Our first customer, DeLanea, has found relief while using her Euphoria vape pen for her anxiety while attending social functions and gatherings. Since picking up her Euphoria vape pen in November of last year, she has noticed an exponential difference in her anxiety levels and has been able to enjoy more memorable experiences with her children.

“The Euphoria Vape has made life more manageable,”

saying that she now can help out her kid’s teachers with parties and other activities when beforehand her anxiety made it hard for her to be in a crowded room.

Although DeLanea still worries about impending anxiety attacks, with her Euphoria pen she was able to attend her first Pride Fest with her daughter this year. For over two long hours, Delanea was able to enjoy the annual event with over a few hundred attendees in the congested streets of downtown San Antonio without feeling anxious.

Our next customer, Courtney struggled with anxiety for years, often using prescription medication for everyday usage. This routine changed once she had her first child five years ago, completely forgoing her past medications for a natural alternative by exploring the best CBD oil for anxiety. Courtney comments that she tries to keep her intake of pharmaceutical medication all natural if possible stating that she “isn’t the type of person to take Tylenol unless she’s in excruciating pain.”

Right before she headed off to Florida to visit relatives, Courtney decided to purchase the Euphoria Elixir to help calm her anxiety and stress. While on her trip, Courtney worried about the stress of traveling with her young kids and being out of their routine for over two weeks in another state. With her daily dosage of a few drops a day, Courtney was not only able to enjoy her trip, but she also recommended for her close friend to try the Euphoria Elixir.

Our third customer, Shana, a teacher and mother of three teenage children, wanted to explore a healthier option for wellness to help with back to school stress with CBD. She commented that her calm elixir “did the job” and made her very calm and collected while during some of the busiest school days of the year. “I just needed to relax and feel calm while dealing with the stresses of life and raising teenagers” Shana explains.

“With my CBD oil I was able to have a calm level head and be a lot more focused while handling my lessons and be less stressed throughout the day.”

To start her dosage, Shana started minimally with a quarter dropper twice a day, then increased her dose with a few more drops at a time during stressful times at work. With her calm oil, she also noticed her oil also helped reduce the amount of headaches and body aches she had with her autoimmune disease. After finishing her first bottle of the Calm Elixir, Shana was able to refer her friends and family to not only the elixir but the Calm vape pen too.

Best CBD Oil For Anxiety & Stress

Stress and anxiety are one of our customer’s top concerns while exploring CBD oil, edibles, etc. For more information on the benefits of CBD to help with as needed or severe depression and anxiety symptoms, feel free to consult our certified consultants at Go Green Botanicals for more options.

We want to thank Darby Wilson, head of Education at Canna Hemp for taking the time to speak with us to explore the benefits and production of CBD infused products.

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