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The Basics of Vaping Delta 8

You know about THC and CBD, but what do you know about vaping Delta 8 carts? This cannabinoid is popping up all over the place, and for good reason! With both recreational and therapeutic benefits, it’s like the best of both worlds. Read on for everything you need to know about vaping Delta 8.   

What Exactly Is Delta 8?

The THC that most people are familiar with is Delta 9 THC, which can have intense psychoactive effects. Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid similar to Delta 9 but is far less potent. This is likely because of its chemical makeup; both Delta 8 & Delta 9 contain a double bond on their carbon chains, but in different places. As such, they bind to our endocannabinoid receptors slightly differently, which may explain less powerful effects. 

Does Delta 8 Get You High?

If Delta 8 is so similar to the THC found in traditional cannabis, can it get you high? The simple answer is yes. Delta 8 vaping, edibles and oils do seem to produce psychoactive effects, but with far less intensity. A 2016 Pharmacy and Therapeutics study determined that Delta 8 THC had 50% to 70% less potent psychoactive effects compared to Delta 9. 

Less potency works both ways, too. The possible psychoactive, relaxing or euphoric effects are lessened, as are the potential negative effects such as paranoia or impaired concentration. This makes vaping Delta 8 a good choice for those new to THC, or who want to avoid getting “too high”. 

Is Vaping Delta 8 Legal?

You would think that since Delta 8 can get you high, it would be illegal; however, it can be extracted from hemp. So when the 2018 Farm Bill Act legalized hemp and its cannabinoids, Delta 8 THC became legal to consume in most cannabis-friendly states. 

Be aware that Delta 8 THC will show up on a drug test, so if this is a concern for you, you should stick to CBD products. Also, be sure to check your own state’s laws, because while Delta 8 THC is legal federally, several states mandate against Delta 8 THC, CBD and other cannabis products.

The Best Way to Use Delta 8

As Delta 8 becomes more popular, there are increasing products available, with our top two being Delta 8 vapes and edibles. When it comes time to choose, take into consideration the time it takes to feel the effect, how long the effects last and of course your personal preference. 

Edibles have to be digested in order for you to feel their effects, sometimes up to two hours. This means that it takes much longer to figure out your correct dosage, and will take more experimentation in that department. However, the effects tend to be stronger and last longer. This may be a good choice if you are looking for ongoing pain relief, but again, you’ll need to find the correct dose for you. 

On the flip side, vaping Delta 8 allows you to feel the effects quicker and for longer. This is because when you vape, the active compounds diffuse directly into your bloodstream. Most people feel the effects in less than fifteen minutes, and report them lasting no longer than three hours. While you may have to take another dose to prolong the effects when you vape, you have more control over your experience.  

Vaping Delta 8 Terms for Newbies

There is a lot of lingo to learn when you visit an online or brick-and-mortar cannabis shop; here is what you need to know about vaping. 

Vaping: Vaping Delta 8 involves heating an oil or concentrate to a temperature just below the point of combustion. This turns the active cannabinoids into vapor, which you then inhale. Smoking can burn off some of the cannabinoids, so vaping keeps more compounds active and bioavailable to your body.

Cart: “Cart” is short for “cartridge”. It is the glass container that comes filled with Delta-8 oil. You can get Delta 8 carts on their own to be used with a reusable vape pen, or as part of a disposable pen/cart combo. Can’t decide on your next cart? Here are our Top 5 Delta 8 Carts of 2020

Pen: A vape pen is so-called because it is about the same size and shape as a pen. Reusable pens contain a rechargeable battery, and you attach a Delta 8 cart of your choice before you vape. 

At Go Green Botanicals, we love the ease and the less-intense feeling that vaping Delta 8 offers. As always, we always recommend discussing with your doctor before trying any hemp-derived products.

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