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Top 5 CBD Products of 2019: What an Amazing Year for Go Green Botanicals!

As we reign in the New Year, Go Green Botanicals wants to celebrate our top five best-selling CBD products of 2019. From topical creams for pain relief, gummies, and Full-Spectrum hemp flower; each one of these phenomenal third-party lab-tested CBD products has been highly rated by our devoted customers and fans. Each product has received stellar feedback from our devoted customers to possibly help with pain severity, anxiety, focus, sleep, and much more.   

5. Caviar Gummies:

Our best-selling CBD edible option is the Caviar Gummies. With 500mg of CBD in each package, these high milligram strength gummies have known to help consumers with anxiety, stress, sleep, focus, and inflammation. 

Depending on which package you purchase, whether it is the Caviar Bears or Caviar Watermelon rings, each package will contain over 20 pieces. Since each piece will contain over 25mg of CBD, consumers can start with a gummy once or twice a day to help possibly ease anxiety, sleep deprivation, and more. For young children, our Certified Consultants at Go Green Botanicals recommended to split a 25mg gummy in half to start with a lower dose for possible ADHD, anxiety, stress, and sleep help.   

As more edible options are becoming popular with kids and young adults, more parents are looking into these CBD options for possibly helping their children with special needs and autism. A study by an independent scientific journal for Gastroenterology & Hepatology stated that more parents are seeing an improvement with CBD to help their autistic children with stress, anxiety, sleepiness, and more. 

For children with autism and special needs, it might be hard for them to take a sublingual CBD oil and prefer the taste of a CBD gummy. These yummy Caviar gummies can be taken in the morning and/or nighttime to help with possible restlessness, hyperactivity, agitation, anxiety, depression, tics, seizures, etc.     

Made without GMO’s and preservatives, these best-selling gummies are commonly selling out in all three of our Go Green stores. So get one while you can!

4. CBD Living Water:

Great for quick hydration on the road, our CBD Living Water is infused with 10mg or 10,000 nano-grams of CBD to help ease possible stress, sleep deprivation, and more. CBD Living water is also formulated with purified Alkaline 9+pH water to ensure high CBD bioavailability and absorption throughout the body. 

Our CBD water is suitable for everyday hydration for once or twice a day to possibly help with stress, anxiety, focus, and energy. For long-term use in the morning or at night, Go Green Botanicals sells our CBD Living water by a case with over 24 bottles of water. 

With daily doses of CBD water, some individuals have seen an improvement in stomach cramps, weight loss, and other symptoms from Inflammatory Bowel Disease and more. In a recent 2019 study by the Medical Science division at the University of Nottingham, these English researchers saw a significant reduction in inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and hyper-permeability, which can cause dangerous bacteria and other matter to enter into the bloodstream, with CBD. 

In 2015, The US Center of Disease Control estimated that over 3 million Americans are diagnosed with IBS, especially Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis. Hopefully, with the help of CBD, these individuals can possibly improve their colon and intestinal health.  

Made with organic 100% CBD and no additives, CBD Living Water could be a great option for the whole family to enjoy.           

3. Hemplucid Full-Spectrum CBD Oil:

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil | Hemp Flower

For a great CBD oil option for possibly relieving pain, anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, and more, Hemplucid’s Full-Spectrum CBD oil might be for you. This sublingual oil has more than CBD in it, but over 100 different cannabinoids like CBG and CBN. While CBD has many inflammatory, mood, and cellular protectant properties to help with different all body aliments, the combination of these lesser-known cannabinoids, or chemical properties from hemp could possibly help improve all body wellness for optimum health.  

Cannabigerol, also known as CBG, has been studied by researchers and doctors around the world to help relieve ocular pressure for individuals that suffer from glaucoma. CBG is also being researched as a possible neuroprotectant to slow the cellular damage of Huntington’s disease and even to possibly eradicate colon cancer.    

Cannabinol, also known as CBN, has been known to help with insomnia, seizures, and appetite. CBN is currently been studied to help bone health, increasing fibroblast cells in bones to increase the healing time of fractures and other injuries.    

Full-Spectrum CBD oil also contains the legal trace amount of .3% of THC or Tetrahydrcannabinol. This trace limit of THC won’t get you “high,” but can boost the medicinal properties of the CBD oil to help with pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. 

To find your perfect dose, our Certified Consultants at Go Green recommend to always start small at 6 to 8 drops of CBD oil. Based on your absorption and metabolism rate, this dose can be taken once or twice a day for two or three days. If you are not satisfied with your initial results, you can increase your dosage a few drops at a time to find your customized dose. 

Some of our devoted customers have raved about the wonders of our Hemplucid Full Spectrum oil, using their oil daily for relieving symptoms of fibromyalgia, spinal injuries, sciatic nerve pain, addiction, and even cancer.   

2. Hemp Direct’s Full-Spectrum Hemp Flower: Paradise OG and Honolulu Haze

For consumers who like to inhale or smoke their CBD products, Full-Spectrum Hemp Direct’s Flower is an option for consumers looking for the full benefits of the full cannabis plant. Smoking CBD is one of the fastest delivery methods that disperses quickly into the lungs and bloodstream for quick results, unlike other CBD edible options that have to pass through the digestive system and liver to be absorbed. 

Smoking hemp flower is also affordable since 7g of flower can contain around 500 to 800mg of Full-spectrum CBD under $40 dollars. Smoking flower is easier for your body to absorb into the blood-stream by a 25% to 50% increase, creating a higher bioavailability compared to other CBD options. 

Hemp flower also contains essential terpenes to give the component its flavor, smell, and added medicinal benefits. Myrcene, for example, can be used for helping with sleep deprivation, pain, and stress, making a flower high in myrcene an indica dominate strain. These all-natural terpenes can also be found in common plants like lavender, hops, and other citrus fruits. 

Two of our most popular flower strains are Hemp Direct’s Paradise OG and Honalulu Haze. Our Paradise OG flower is a hybrid, a mixture of indica and stativa strain. The Paradise OG has a high milligram of Carophyllene, which could possibly help with inflammation, energy, and mental clarity/focus. The flower also rich in Bisabolol and Humulene, which are also beneficial for possibly helping consumers with stress, anxiety, appetite suppressant, etc.  

Our second most popular flower strain is Hemp Direct’s Honolulu Haze. Available in a 7g jar and pre-roll, our Honolulu Haze flower is rich in Caryophyllene, making this flower a stativa dominate strain. Combined with a smaller concentrate of Myrcene, Humulene, and Bisabolol, this flower can possibly help with stress, pain severity, anxiety, and more.   

Since Hemp flower is a Full-Spectrum CBD product, all flower will also contain the trace .3% of THC. This trace amount of THC won’t have any psychoactive effects but can boost the medicinal benefits of the lesser-known cannabinoids in hemp.      

1. Canna Hemp’s Relief Cream:

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil | Hemp Flower

Last but not least, is Canna Hemp’s relief cream, our best-selling topical CBD cream for pain relief. Made from eucalyptus, coco-butter, and shea butter; this CBD cream is engineered to reach into seven layers of skin to help inflammation. 

This CBD pain cream can be used on hands, knees, feet, lower and upper back area, etc. to help with joint and muscle pain. Some customers have even used their pain cream for sciatic nerve pain, tension neck pain, headache help, neuropathy, trigger finger, carpal tunnel, and much more.

This award-winning cream is made with 250mg of CBD, with no GMO’s, additives, or preservatives. This vegan approved CBD product is also non-greasy and oil-free to apply as needed to areas of pain. 

For individuals who want to begin the new year with more natural wellness products, our CBD oils, topical creams, lotions, vapes, flower, and edibles at Go Green Botanicals might be a great option for you and the whole family. Even though we only discussed a few of our best-selling CBD products in-store, we have hundreds of options to choose from to find the right fit for you. 

We encourage our devoted fans and customers to share their CBD journey and experiences with any of our stellar products with us! Here are the links to read up on some of our customer’s feedback and reviews about our educated staff, products, and much more! 


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