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Hawaiian Lion, a hybrid cannabis strain, emerges as the result of a botanical union between Truffaloha #2 and Chimera #3.. These two genetic parents boast an impressive abundance of trichomes—you know, the tiny, resinous structures that get you high as a kite. Their union is a symphony of trichome glory, as if they rolled the perfect joint of genetics.

Now on to what really matters—the effects and potency. Hawaiian Lion, a sativa marijuana strain, has the ability to stimulate feelings of happiness and creativity. The nose of tropical fruits is very inviting and immersive. Ideal for relaxation after a long day or a leisurely day at the beach, Hawaiian Lion’s light green buds offer respite for medical marijuana patients seeking relief from pain, bipolar disorder, and muscle spasms.

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Hawaiian is a sativa cannabis strain that derives its name from its place of origin. It’s been used to create various hybrids with high THC levels and continues to be a favorite for growers to cross with. Its buds are fat, compact, light green in color and covered with orange pistils. It produces a tropical flavor and taste often reminiscent of citrus or pineapple, though it’s not strong/pungent.

Hawaiian creates a high that is mostly cerebral; heady. It will calm your mind into a relaxed state of being, helping to focus and boosting creativity as euphoric sensations take over. Reviewers enjoy this strain after a hard day’s work that’s been stressful, mainly on the mind, to sit back and melt away all negative thoughts.

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