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Tips to Get the Most Out of Your CBD

CBD is here to stay, and every day more people are adopting it into their daily routine to support their health and wellness. With the possibility of improving sleep, mood, inflammation and even reducing some types of pain, almost everyone can benefit from CBD. Buy CBD gummies and more from Go Green Botanicals! Whether you are a regular user or new to it, here are some tips to get the most out of your premium CBD flower, chill CBD gummies, pre-rolls and the best CBD oil.

Read the Label

Legal CBD products have labels for a reason. Be sure to read the packaging for potency and dosing directions, and always start small. Until you know how your body is going to react, one puff of a CBD flower pre-roll may be enough, while a seasoned CBD lover may be able to handle higher doses of their preferred product. 

Take with Food

Just like Vitamins A, D, E and K, CBD is fat-soluble. This means when eaten with a fat or oil, its bioavailability increases. If you only use CBD oil or capsules, then you’re good to go! The oil is mixed right in for you. But if you regularly buy CBD gummies or other edibles, snack on some cheese or nuts with it too.

Use Full Spectrum

Full spectrum CBD contains trace (legal) amounts of THC. (It won’t get you high, but may show up on a drug test.) If this isn’t a concern for you, opt for full-spectrum CBD products to get the maximum effects of CBD as nature intended. 

Broad spectrum products are a good alternative if you are wary of THC, though some of the terpenes and valuable plant components are lost when it is fully removed. If you are worried about losing some CBD potency (the jury is still out on this one), add other natural terpenes into your system by eating more spices, herbs, fruits and veggies. 

Go for Quality

Always buy from reputable shops like Go Green Botanicals that carry third-party tested products to ensure quality, accurate doses and purity of your CBD. These products are regulated to ensure purity and contents so you can be confident knowing what you put into your body. 

Make it Routine

CBD is best taken regularly so it can build up in your system for optimal balance. Try to take it at the same time every day to maintain your routine so you don’t miss a dose. What do you do or consume every day that you can add CBD to? We’ve heard of before bed, first thing in the morning, and smoking it while they walk the dog. (And yes, we have Pet CBD too!)

Since many people use CBD as part of their self-care routine, more wellness-based products are popping up. Add CBD to your supplement routine, and eat a few chill CBD gummies with melatonin to relax before bed. Or try these yummy Immunity Gummies with elderberry, zinc and Vitamins C, E and B12.


With so many products to suit your mood and preferences, CBD is a versatile wellness product that anyone can benefit from. Browse our ever-growing inventory of CBD and other supportive products for something new to try like Chocolate Giraffe Nuts, or stick to a tried-and-true favorite like Canna River’s Full Spectrum Oil. And if you can’t decide where to start, here is a fun table to help you choose a CBD product based on your likes/dislikes:


Best CBD Product

Want Quick Absorption into the Body Maximize uptake with our best CBD Oils, Vapes, CBD flower pre rolls and Oral Sprays
Have a Sweet Tooth Buy CBD Gummies and Edibles
Like to Smoke/Toke Relax with CBD Flower Pre-Rolls or Premium CBD Flower
Relieve Sore Muscles Try a Topical Cream or Salve
Miss the Feeling of Being High Try Delta 8, Delta 10 or HHC products
Prefer Tasteless CBD Gel Caps
No THC, please Broad Spectrum CBD is for you
Want All the CBD Benefits Go for Full Spectrum CBD

Ask Questions

Hemp and CBD have been around for a long time, but thanks to restrictive usage and research laws most people don’t know a lot about these natural substances. CBD can supplement and improve your mind and body, but that doesn’t mean you should jump in with your eyes closed. Ask questions that you’re curious about (like what the heck are these new cannabinoids?), and keep asking until you’re satisfied.

Go Green Botanicals is your health and wellness advocate and loves to help customers find natural remedies that work for them. Find our CBD experts in-store or online, waiting to help you discover the best CBD oils, premium CBD flower, and our own brand of chill CBD gummies. Shop now!

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