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Holiday Gift Giving Guide

2020 — What a year, am I right? Nothing seemed to go as planned and yet, here come the holidays! Now, on top of everything else, you’ve got to play Santa? What in the world should you give to your friends, family and loved ones at a time like this? Well, in our humble opinion, there is no better choice than CBD, hemp and cannabis gifts for Christmas and beyond.

CBD makes the perfect gift because:

  • It’s current: Hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states and gaining popularity nationwide, making hemp gifts a trendy and wonderful choice.
  • It’s needed: Whether they’re dealing with pain, stress or other ailments, CBD can be highly beneficial to the recipient for whatever ails them.
  • It’s perfect for everyone: Whether they’re male or female, from college student to retired senior citizen, CBD makes a great gift for all on your list — as long as they’re over 18, of course.
  • It’s a great conversation starter: You can combine relaxation with education. Those who already know and love CBD will be grateful, and the previously unexposed can learn about all the miraculous benefits CBD provides.
  • It’s a memorable gift: CBD gift recipients may not have known it is exactly what they wanted, but they will definitely be overjoyed once they’ve tried it and love you for being the one who gave it to them.

Keeping all those things in mind, we present this handy gift guide with our suggestions on CBD gifts for everyone you’re shopping for whether you’re celebrating the holidays with hemp or having a cannabis Christmas.

  • For the pal who’s always on the go: Easily carried in a pocket or purse,  CBD breath spray, is not only discreet but also fast-acting and delicious. The recipient will think of you every time they use it — so you’ll be on their mind a lot!
  • For the girl (or guy) who is all about the self-care: Most people are not currently indulging in public spa days … so you can bring the spa to them! With bath bombs to calm, and face masks to cleanse, your loved one will definitely feel pampered and have you to thank for it.
  • For the pet lover: We all know that person who’s obsessed with their little four-legged friend. What better way to show you care than including their fur-baby in your gift-giving? From dog treats to chicken-flavored tinctures, this is one gift that will not only get you hugs and gratitude but maybe a big slobbery kiss as well.
  • For the athlete: Kudos to those who are still maintaining top physical form during these crazy times. Or just trying to get back in shape after gaining the quarantine 15. Our recovery cream, relief spray or other topicals are a great option for those who might have pushed themselves a little too far but know that winners never quit.
  • For your old skool pal: Simple, traditional Hemp Flower is something everyone can enjoy. You can’t go wrong with giving buds, pre-rolls or cigarettes, in a variety of flavors, as a gift.
  • For the cool cat: If you know someone who loves to vape, we have a full  Vape Oil line with both disposable options as well as cartridge refills for whatever mood is desired — from calm to focus, euphoria to sleep. Our curated products take vaping to a whole other level.
  • For the life of the party: For the person who loves CBD but also enjoys the “high” sensation that comes with traditional THC, our Delta-8 products would definitely be a big hit. With tinctures, gummies and cartridges in a variety of flavors, don’t be surprised if you get a text well after midnight where they profess their undying love for you.
  • For the young at heart: If you know someone who still watches cartoons and plays video games, chances are they love candy, too. I mean, who doesn’t? Go Green has a full selection of edibles which includes caramels, lollipops and gummies. The Watermelon Rings are a personal fave guaranteed to put a smile on any face.
  • For the one you’d like to know a little better: Our cherry massage oil and sensation intensifying topical oil are both great gifts to give to the one you can’t get off your mind. Is it better to give or to receive? Only one way to find out …

So there you have it. A little something for everyone from your friends at Go Green Botanicals. We’re all looking forward to a cannabis Christmas and a very happy new year! 

Save on Hemp Gifts

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If you’re lucky enough to be a proud Texas resident, we’d love it if you’d stop by and see us. Otherwise, we are always happy to advise or answer any questions by phone, email or social media. Contact us any time! We’d love to hear from you.  

This time of year, as always, we are grateful to be your partner on your health and wellness journey and to provide you with the highest quality CBD products at the best possible prices. Here’s to the best cannabis Christmas and an amazing 2021.

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