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Gym Recovery with CBD & Delta 8

Nothing’s worse than a gym injury holding you back from progress and that new level of fitness you’ve been seeking. Fortunately, there’s a natural way to treat these injuries and the pain you feel with each. Today we’re exploring how CBD, Delta 8, and THCa are aiding in the recovery process, reducing inflammation, and easing your pain.

From topicals to consumable and vapes, there’s a solution to speeding up your recovery here at Go Green Botanicals…

Topicals and Ointments to Start With

Jar of Canna Hemp Brand CBD Relief Cream









Apply CBD topicals like Canna Hemp for targeted relief.

Inflammation and localized pain call for targeted relief. When you injure a shoulder, knee, or another commonly inured area. CBD and Delta 8 topicals and ointments provide treatment to the exact area you need.

Once applied directly to you injured area, these cannabis-infused balms, creams, and lotions are quickly absorbed for quick relief. CBD and Delta 8 sooth and reduce muscle tension, ease inflammation, and help you heal faster than without.

Gummies, Oils, and Consumables

For a level-up in relief, consumables are at times stronger, while also fitting into your fitness routine. These CBD and Delta 8 oils and gummies, along with others, promote balance in the body by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Bag of 3 CHI Brand Black Raspberry Delta 8 Gummies








3 Chi Delta 8 gummies can fit into your fitness routine.

This balance gives us a better sense of well-being while speeding up recovery.

Tincture bottle of Canna Hemp Brand CBD oil.









A few drops are all you need with Canna Hemp CBD Oil Plus

Is Instant Relief Possible?

Sometimes injuries can overwhelm us with pain and keep us down. If you have an acute gym injury than CBD and Delta 8 vapes, or THCa flower, can be most effective and start relieving yesterday.

a boxed Elyxr LA Delta 8 Disposable vape.

This disposable from Elxyr LA draws easy and has terpene profiles.

When inhaled, cannabinoids are delivered directly into your bloodstream, providing nearly instantaneous results. Vaping is discreet and convenient, too, so you can use in your recovery or fitness routine on the go. THCa flower is stronger and provides more of the “THC” effect your used to recreationally. But know its strength is what makes it so useful in cutting through inflammation and recovery times, relaxing you along the way.

We Can Help You Decide

We know, all these options can be overwhelming. All three, CBD, Delta 8, and THCa, will benefit your routine by lessening pain and promoting faster recovery. Go Green Botanicals has your back in finding an option for you.

Our expertise and commitment to education will help us help you, using information about your routine and needs to recommend a topical, smokeable, or consumable. You can always order online but come visit for a CBD sample and get exactly what you need. Embrace CBD, Delta 8, or THCa and experience the healing power of each. Your body will thank you.

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