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Does Delta 8 Expire?

Does delta 8 expire? Everything has its prime, and cannabis products are no different. While it may sound odd at first, all organic compounds have a use-by date before expiration and will yield the best effects during their peak freshness. Delta 8 products are no exception. While they won’t make you sick if used after their expiration, it is still valuable to know when you will get the most out of your product by storing it correctly, reading the ingredients and being aware of its shelf life. 

Delta 8 Expiration 

Here at Go Green Botanicals, we pride ourselves on not only providing the highest quality cannabis products, but education for our consumers before they use said products. Overall, cannabinol has a shelf life of around two years before it starts to chemically deteriorate, causing it to decline in potency and general efficacy. When compared to its counterparts, Delta 8 is technically more chemically sound than CBD, Delta 9, and other market-hitting cannabinoids. That isn’t to say that Delta 8 will maintain its potency forever, but is interesting to note. From distillates, capsules and tinctures alike, the shelf lives can last anywhere from 6 months to two years — all dependent on storage and ingredients. Even packaging can hinder the longevity of your Delta 8 products. For example, syringes are commonly kept in transparent containers, and therefore have one of the shorter shelf lives, whereas tinctures can last up to two years being stored in dark brown glass packaging. Be mindful of your products’ Delta 8 expiration.

Do Delta 8 Gummies Expire?

Do Delta 8 gummies expire? Another factor to consider when looking into the shelf life of Delta 8 products, specifically gummies, would be the other perishable ingredients in play. For instance, gummies containing organic, unprocessed ingredients will expire before the Delta 8 ever does. However, when properly stored in a fridge and a matte air-tight container, gummies will last up to about one year before spoiling. The colder, darker and less oxygen, the better. You can also check the freshness of your gummies by squishing them and seeing how tough they may have become, taking a small bite or with the tried-and-true smell test — your nose knows! 

Here at Go Green Botanicals, we currently have Delta 8 gummies that are packaged in appropriate black bag containers. The Black raspberry D8 Gummies are recommended to be stored in the freezer for an hour before using to ensure they do not mesh into a puddle before you get home. Likewise, the SD 30ct D8 Gummies are in a thick black bag, with each gummy packed with 30mg of Delta 8 goodness. Each type has a great fruity flavor that will be sure to not only mask the earthy cannabis taste that can be unpleasant for some, but also pack a juicy mouth-watering punch in every bite. 

Do Delta 8 Carts Expire?

Do Delta 8 carts expire? Delta 8 carts are made up of distillate oil and terpenes and have proven to be among some of the longest-lasting products, with a shelf life of approximately 1.5 years. That’s especially true when properly stored in a cool, dry, dark place, stationed upright to prevent any unnecessary leaks. Be wary of the color of your cart when you purchase it as well, because purchasing a vape that has been sitting on the shelf for 6 months may have a darker color and thicker consistency than its fresher opponents.

We offer three different Delta 8 cartridge vapes from 3Chi, an Indiana-based hemp plant with a holistic scientific foundation: Resin Candy Kushband, Resin Godfather OG and Resin Strawberry Gelato. These vapes come in CCell ceramic cartridges, made with FDA-approved high-quality materials that promote longevity and safety of the product. 

Does Delta 8 Expire?

So does Delta 8 expire? The short answer is: yes. The longer conclusion is: yes, but there are many steps to take once the product is in your hands to preserve it best. We want our consumers to have the best experience with these premier health and wellness vehicles, and the most effective way to get there is maintaining proper storage in air-tight, dark packaging or spaces. Ensuring the containers and storage environments are conducive to a longer shelf life with matte, darker colors, resealable glass jars and bags.

Lastly, being sure to avoid heavy, direct light exposure, keeping your products out of the heat and humidity, and having the mindfulness to read your labels and ingredient lists will have you enjoying your products safely for months and avoiding the Delta 8 expiration. Shop our growing selection of Delta 8 products!

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