Nanotechnology Makes Stronger, Faster Delta 8

Nanotech is revolutionizing Delta 8… 

Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants and rising in popularity due to its unique properties making it different from the THC you’re used to. Its psychoactive effects are far milder than Delta 9 THC and, on top of that, its low bioavailability means the body has a harder time absorbing it. That’s where nanotechnology steps in… 


For those new to it, nanotechnology is the science of manipulating objects at the atomic and molecular level. From robots to medicine, many industries feel nanotech’s benefits daily. Now, nanotech is being used in cannabis growth and products to create Delta 8 THC with stronger efficacy and bioavailability.

But how is that a benefit to those who partake?

Increased Bioavailability – Bioavailability is the available amount of a substance entering the body’s bloodstream. The higher the bioavailability, the stronger the impact. Traditionally Delta 8 has a low bioavailability and a portion of it is lost in digestion. But nanotech improves the bioavailability of Delta 8 by reducing the size of particles for absorption.

Single packet of Delta 8 Tangerine Lime drink enhancer powder

Our Nano Delta 8 gummies are strong and kick in noticeably faster.

Faster Effects – When you consume Delta 8 THC it takes time to work, depending on your own body and food intake. Nanotechnology speeds up the wait time to take effect by breaking down Delta 8’s particles into a small size that can cross the blood-brain barrier faster.

Improved Efficacy – The shrinking of Delta 8’s particles can also increase the amount of Delta 8 reaching the bloodstream altogether. Nanotechnology-produced products can be stronger and last longer because of this.

Bottle of blue straight drank Delta 8 drink, with small glass poured

Better efficacy means higher potency, which Straight Drank takes advantage of.

Precise Dosage – Due to variation in molecule size, traditional Delta 8 products can have inconsistent absorption rates and variations in strength. Nanotechnology ensures consistent dosing as particles are more evenly distributed throughout the product.

Single packet of Delta 8 Tangerine Lime drink enhancer powder

Refreshing and powerful, our 3 Chi Delta 8 drink enhancers last up to 4 hours.

Better Taste and Smell – Some Delta 8 products might have a funky or unpleasant taste and smell. Some customers may not even notice. But for those who do, nanotechnology creates a more even distribution of molecules to better please the senses.

Box of 10 Delta 8 pink lemonade drink enhancers from 3 chi

Tastes good and offers variety. 3 Chi drink enhancers come in Pink lemonade, and packs of 10.

With an improved bioavailability, faster onset, improved efficacy, precise dosing, and better taste and smell, nanotechnology is changing the game for Delta 8 THC products. All the more reason we are researching the products best for you, our customers. If you’re looking for a cannabis product with milder psychoactive effects and a consistent experience, try one of the products suggested today. Or come on into the shop so we can help you make the right choice.

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