Is CBD legal in Wisconsin?

CBD use has exploded across the country, don’t ya know. And for good reason. Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a phytocannabinoid discovered in 1940 within the cannabis sativa plant, and it’s the second most prevalent active ingredient in cannabis next to THC. But whereas THC makes you feel “high,” CBD does not, and CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential. CBD has become incredibly popular as a natural remedy used to treat a variety of common ailments ranging from chronic pain, sudden injury, anxiety, depression, insomnia and much more. Is CBD legal in Wisconsin? Oh yeah, you betcha. And as the popularity of Delta 8, CBD oil and gummies Wisconsin surges, it can be found in a whole bunch of products in a whole bunch of places — but just because you can stop by The Pig and get it doesn’t mean ya should.

Not all CBD is created equally. Virtually unregulated by the FDA, at best, inferior CBD can be ineffective. At worst, it can be downright dangerous. So when you’re looking for CBD Wisconsin, you want to turn to a retailer you can trust. You want a place where you can get the highest quality CBD at the lowest possible prices from a boutique with an impeccable reputation that delivers whatever you need right to your door. What you want is Go Green Botanicals. Go Green Botanicals combines premium CBD products with unparalleled customer service for an online CBD delivery experience that is second to none. Ordering is easy, shipping is fast and discreet. Once you Go Green, you’ll never go anywhere else.


CBD Gummies Wisconsin

When you want to experience all of the many benefits that CBD can offer in the easiest and most delicious way possible, look no further than the CBD gummy candy from Go Green Botanicals. These are the CBD gummies Wisconsin Cheeseheads have grown to know and love because they are the most natural and tastiest to be found. Made in the USA for quality and with drip technology to ensure accuracy and potency, these CBD edible candies are available in fun flavors like watermelon, cherry, blue raspberry, and peach to make you feel like a kid again while providing the ultimate in healing. Have the absolute best in Wisconsin CBD candy delivered right to you by placing an order from Go Green Botanicals today.

cooling recovery balm

CBD Oil Wisconsin

Canna River is one of the most trusted names in the CBD industry because their products are designed with their customers in mind, and they can be successfully utilized for a multitude of holistic applications. When you want all the best in Canna River products delivered quickly and easily right to your door, turn to your one-stop shop for all the best CBD Wisconsin — turn to Go Green Botanicals.

Go Green Botanicals offers nationwide delivery of exceptional CBD products and a helpful and educated staff to guide you if you need assistance finding the perfect product just for you. When you’re looking for the absolute best in CBD oil Wisconsin, choose from Canna River tinctures in full spectrum or broad spectrum, full spectrum or broad spectrum gel caps, and CBD topicals that include a cooling balm, a warming balm, or a luxurious lotion — and rest assured that your Go Green Botanicals package will be on its way with just a few clicks of your mouse. Don’t wait — treat yourself to a CBD  oil Wisconsin loves from Go Green Botanicals today. By golly, I tells ya, you’ll be glad ya did.

Delta 8 CBD Wisconsin

When you want all of the therapeutic benefits of a CBD product but you’d also like that extra special kick usually associated with the THC in marijuana — all the good with none of the bad — what should you choose for that then? Well, if you’re a smarty pants already in the know then ya know — and if you’re not then let me tell ya — the answer to what you’re looking for is Delta 8.

Delta 8 is a hemp-derived cannabinoid that provides euphoria and relaxation that is similar to the effects of marijuana but is completely legal to have shipped to you wherever you are, whether it be Milwaukee or Madison, Green Bay or Kenosha. And Go Green Botanicals has a wide variety of Delta-8 THC products on their menu including flower, pre-rolls, vapes, moon rocks, syrups, edibles and beverages — CBD Wisconsin residents can trust!

If you were wondering is CBD legal in Wisconsin, good news! Both CBD and Delta-8 THC are legal. When it comes to Delta 8 CBD Wisconsin products, Go Green Botanicals has you covered. Take control of your own personal health and wellness by ordering a Delta-8 product and having it delivered right to you.


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