Using CBD as part of your daily wellness routine is an amazing way to support your mind and body. Go Green Botanicals is here to support you with knowledgeable and helpful staff, a wide variety of pure, natural PA CBD products, and fast delivery nationwide. With Go Green Botanicals, you can be assured that you’re getting the best CBD in Pennsylvania and beyond. Check out CBD flower, oil and even Delta 8 in Pennsylvania!

CBD in Pennsylvania

We know that everyone has their own preferred way to use CBD in PA, which is why we carry all natural CBD in a variety of forms. At Go Green Botanicals, you can find your go-to CBD oil or CBD flower, or try something new with speedy delivery of Delta 8, topicals or edible CBD in Pennsylvania. Our personally curated online boutique has something for everyone, and is fully stocked with the premium products we’ve come to be known for.
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Pennsylvania CBD Oil

Oils and tinctures are one of the most popular ways to take CBD in PA because it’s the easiest way to make CBD part of your daily routine. Put a few drops under your tongue, and you’re good to go. If you’re just getting started with CBD, the dropper makes it simple to measure your dose, and increase the amount slowly until you achieve the desired effect.

Our two favorite brands are Canna Hemp and Canna River. Canna Hemp’s tinctures are blended with specific results in mind, like sleep, euphoria, focus and more; Canna River offers a variety of full and broad spectrum CBD oil in varying strengths. Both products are produced right here in the USA, using organic, non-GMO hemp – so you can feel good about taking your regular dose of CBD in PA.

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CBD Flower in Pennsylvania

CBD (or hemp) flower looks, feels, smells and tastes just like cannabis, but it comes without any unwanted psychotropic effects. There is something so relaxing about hand-rolling the perfect joint and sitting back for a toke. Take advantage of our hassle-free home delivery service, and grab some PA CBD flower or pre-rolls to keep on hand to relax after a busy day, or just chill out on the weekend.
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Delta 8 in Pennsylvania

We love that CBD is such a simple way to support your goals, but to be honest, sometimes we want that “high” that’s missing from Pennsylvania CBD products. Delta 8 THC is the answer. The THC that most of us are used to is the illegal THC 9; but there are over 100 other identified cannabinoids with varying chemical structures and effects. In the case of Delta 8, its structure does produce psychotropic effects, but at 50 to 75% less than the THC most of us are familiar with.

Try Delta 8, and you may see positive effects. Go Green Botanicals delivers legal Delta 8 in Pennsylvania, and carries your favorite ways to take it; choose from edibles, vapes, oils, flower and even Delta 8 drinks.

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PA CBD Edibles

Edibles are one of our favorite ways to take CBD in Pennsylvania because it makes CBD fun! In fact, we love edibles so much that we have our own line of expertly crafted gummies. Made right here in the USA, our gummies are drip-infused with all-natural CBD to ensure product potency and dose accuracy.

With no CBD after-taste, these gummies are a whimsical and nostalgic way to experience the benefits of CBD in PA. We’ve got watermelon, peach, and cherry rings; gummy bears, and vegan gummies, and often will surprise you with new flavor favorites. Grab a jar of gummies to make taking CBD simple, fun and delicious.

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Specialty CBD in Pennsylvania

We like to offer our customers a variety of ways to experience the supportive benefits of CBD in PA, so we carry a large selection of specialty products. The CBD industry moves quickly, so check back often for the new CBD products that meet our strict standards for quality and purity. Topicals, sprays, pet treats and massage oils are some of the things you might find. Take a peek and find a new favorite.

Find the Best CBD in PA

Go Green Botanicals is your high-quality boutique for pure, natural CBD products in Pennsylvania and across the country. Allow our friendly and knowledgeable staff to be a resource to you when it comes to learning about CBD and its benefits, and trust that our carefully chosen products are the same ones we use ourselves. For the best CBD in PA, always Go Green.

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