cbd oil for elderly and seniors

CBD for Seniors

Think CBD products are just for the younger generations? Think again. Seniors like Willie Nelson, Cheech and Chong, and others have been using cannabis-based products for decades and now that they’re in their senior years, there’s no slowing down on their consumption. If they’ve left you feeling inspired to consider working cannabis into your routine, CBD is one of the best places to start. At Go Green Botanicals, we offer CBD oil for seniors and the elderly as well as other products that you can easily add to your daily lineup. Learn more about using CBD products as a senior. 

Your Reason for Using CBD 

Many seniors choose to use CBD for health reasons, but that’s not always necessary. In fact, CBD oil for elderly people can be an excellent product to work into any routine. Whether you want to use it to support your overall lifestyle, promote functional wellness from within or address a concern area. 

Common Types of CBD

Perhaps one of the most common types of CBD for seniors is topical CBD. Topicals provide relief in targeted areas and can be easily applied no matter what part of your body is causing you trouble. They also come with the added benefit of being discreet. Ingesting CBD doesn’t typically provide you with the high feeling that traditional cannabis products do, but many seniors may have concerns that they will get “high” from ingesting it. Topical products eliminate this problem as they are not ingested and they don’t have the opportunity to create an effects within the body. Topical products can soothe and provide relief to external areas of the body.

Edibles are another common option for seniors. They come pre-dosed and do not have to be measured. Seniors who are experimenting with CBD can take one or two gummies and get the same effects that they’d receive from ingesting it in other forms. 

Seniors who want to get the full experience of using CBD can choose CBD oil. CBD oil for seniors is an excellent way to provide many types of relief and also helps seniors get the best benefits of oil. Oil can be taken under the tongue, added to your favorite drink or even put into tasty food products. 

In addition to topical, edibles and oil, there are many CBD products for seniors that can be a fun new addition to any routine. Check out coffee, vapes and even flower if you’re looking for that good old fashioned weed-smoking experience without the high.

Starting Small 

Getting the right dose is crucial to a successful CBD experience. And, starting small is the only way to do it. Even if you have a high tolerance to other things like medication, alcohol or marijuana, you may not have the same tolerance to CBD. If you start out small and work your way up in dosing, you may be more successful and may be able to enjoy the benefits of CBD. 

Making CBD More Effective 

While CBD is incredibly effective on its own, there are some things that you can do to make CBD more effective. 

  • Try multiple CBD products including ingestibles as well as topicals
  • Avoid taking CBD when you’re also using cannabis 
  • Use CBD at different times throughout the day to see which works best
  • Make sure you’re using the right products and check out other ones often 

Adding Delta 8 THC

If you’re loving CBD oil for elderly people, but you’re ready for a little more, there is a way to do it! For those who are in states that don’t have legalized cannabis yet, Delta 8 THC is an easy way around it. Think of Delta 8 as THC lite. It provides a high that’s similar to traditional THC products but at a much lower intensity. By using these products, you can enjoy all the same benefits that you get from CBD but with the addition of a fun high. 

Practicing Safety 

No matter what you do, always be safe with your CBD. Before starting a new product, check with your doctor. This is especially important if you are taking medicine as there are some medications that can interact with CBD products. Always follow medical advice and stay safe while using any cannabis products. 

Ready to explore more with CBD? Check out all the products that we have at Go Green Botanicals — your source for quality CBD and Delta 8 THC products!

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