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CBD Flavor Matters: Here’s Why (and Tasty Products to Try)

We all know that quality is important. That goes for all products but especially with CBD. CBD is derived from the hemp plant, and the hemp plant is highly susceptible to bioaccumulation. Essentially, this means that the hemp plant is particularly effective at absorbing the material from its surroundings — so if those surroundings include pesticides or heavy metals or any other toxins and contaminants, that nasty stuff goes right into the body of the unaware CBD user … and suddenly that wonderful product can actually do some serious damage. Yikes. The extraction process is also crucial — as the purity of the CBD depends upon it. Proper extraction means the difference between product retaining all of the beneficial naturally occurring molecules in the hemp plant or low-quality solvents leaving petroleum-based residues which, again, can be harmful as well as lower CBD concentration. Unfortunately, the FDA does little to monitor the CBD market and CBD oil flavors in the US which has lead to an epidemic of products being mislabeled in regard to both potency and purity. This is why it is not only important but absolutely crucial that you only purchase your CBD products from a retailer you can trust, and one that does third-party testing to ensure that you can take them at their word. Once you find a product that you know is high-quality and does what it says it can, you can indeed breathe easier knowing that you are way ahead of the game … and that is when another important factor comes in to play — and that is taste.

Why is taste in CBD oil flavors so important?

Ever try to give a small child some much-needed liquid medicine? There is a reason that more of it probably ended up all over you than inside their mouth. It doesn’t matter how good or even essential to your health something is, if it doesn’t taste good, you’re not going to take it. This goes for medicine or food or drinks or dental products and especially for CBD. The benefits of CBD are now indisputable and backed by scientific study — but the benefits are unavailable to you if your CBD is just sitting in your drawer or on your shelf. You’ve actually got to use it. And even though most of us are way past our childhood temper-tantrum days, if a product doesn’t make our mouth water just thinking about it, we are less likely to partake. No use equals no benefits. 

Now for some good news.

CBD legalization and acceptance means that there is less stigma and more choice. You are no longer limited to a mere product or two, and have a plethora of not only CBD product types, but CBD flavors within those products types, to choose from! You’ve already made the wise and informed decision to purchase your CBD directly off of the Go Green Botanicals website — because you know that Go Green Botanicals offers only the best quality pure and natural CBD infused products available at a fraction of the cost of retail, and that we also offer education and guidance as well. Now it’s time to look a little deeper into some of the different products and flavors available here, so you can find the perfect tasty treat just for you.

Oral administration

Consuming CBD within an edible may very well be the tastiest way to ingest your CBD, and there are a number of CBD edibles that are not only amazingly delicious but fun, and can be a nostalgic reminiscence. I mean, who doesn’t love a good gummy? That said, using this method requires the CBD to make its way all through the digestive tract and into the stomach before entering into the bloodstream. While some may consider this inefficient, oral administration of CBD offers a fun and subtle introduction into the CBD. If tasty delicious fun is what you’re after, Go Green has much to choose from with our line of Giraffe Nuts, which are incredibly decadent CBD infused caramels in flavors like Sea Salt, Creamy Vanilla, Mint Chocolate, or Golden Maple along with double-strength and caffeinated varieties. The issue here is not going to be whether you like them but how you’re going to be able to control yourself!

When looking to make use of oral administration by placing a daily dose of CBD directly into a beverage, many may prefer CBD drops that are of an unflavored variety so as not to add any additional taste to the beverage of choice that they already enjoy. In that case, Go Green Botanicals recommends making use of our Canna River CBD tinctures. Go Green’s Canna River selections are completely sugar-free and alcohol-free and made solely from hemp extract and MCT oil. Available in both full and broad-spectrum varieties, Canna River tinctures are the perfect addition to your morning cup of coffee or bedtime cup of tea.

Sublingual administration

CBD oils, or tinctures, are one of the most natural ways to consume CBD. If you place the CBD oil into a food or beverage, that is considered an oral dosage. But if you place a few drops directly under your tongue and hold it there, allowing the CBD oil to dissolve and diffuse through the tissues of your tongue into your bloodstream, that is considered a sublingual dosage which offers more potential utilization than general oral administration. Go Green offers a curated collection of tinctures in a variety of CBD oil flavors including the premium line of Canna Hemp elixirs perfectly designed for sublingual usage. You can instill Calm with a citrusy burst of bergamot, Focus with a refreshing punch of grapefruit, Relief with sour and zesty lime, Sleep with floral and fruity red mandarin, and Euphoria with the essence of freshly-picked oranges. Each one is not only delicious but does exactly what it’s designed to do. You can try one or have the whole line on hand so you always have just what you need exactly when you need it.

Vapor inhalation

Vaping is the absolute fastest way to get your CBD directly into your bloodstream and achieve the results you desire. Traditional smoking of CBD means applying a heat source to the flower buds and then inhaling the smoke that is subsequently released. Many people choose smoking as their preferred method of CBD consumption for a variety of reasons including the ritualistic nature of it all, but it must be noted that the use of this method leads to a loss of some of the CBD as it literally goes up in smoke. Vaping, on the other hand, uses an electronic device to heat a CBD infused liquid thus turning it into aerosol vapor particles which the user then inhales. When CBD is atomized and inhaled into the lungs, it takes effect fast like smoking but it is also processed in greater quantities while retaining a greater quantity of cannabinoid. The self-contained chamber also allows nothing to escape meaning that you do not have to watch your CBD literally float away. Go Green carries a variety of different flavor vape cartridges and kits including choices from the well-reviewed and respected CalyFx line. CalyFx vapes all have adult taste flavor profiles, nothing sickeningly sweet, with all-natural ingredients and 100% plant-based terpenes in earthy flavor mixes that are named after the different effects each achieves and situations it works best in such as Social, Sex, Endurance. Each one provides a flavor explosion that defies simple description and must be experienced to be understood. 

Regardless of which method you use to explore your CBD and make use of all its inherent benefits, Go Green Botanicals has a product and CBD oil flavors that will have you smiling and coming back for more. Whether you visit us at our brick-and-mortar store in Texas or shop with us online, you receive the same unparalleled level of service. Our Go Green experts have extensive experience with CBD and within the cannabis industry so they’ll be able to recommend a product and CBD flavor that will be ideal, and will taste great. We are excited for you to experience all we have to offer.

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