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The Best CBD Infused Drinks for Sale or DIY

The mainstreaming of CBD (cannabidiol) has created an explosion of CBD products ranging from sleep aids, smokable vapes to infused beverages – the latest product with a rapidly growing popularity. CBD-infused drinks come in many forms and are positioned for both seasoned cannabis connoisseurs and curious beginners. With the wide variety of options available today, it’s often tough for consumers to choose the right products CBD canned drinks. We’re here to help. But first – here are some reasons why you might consider trying CBD drinks.

Aside from using them as an alternative to smoking or topical applications – why would someone choose to drink an infused beverage? The answer lies in bio-availability, or the ability of the body to absorb a certain supplement and put that supplement to use. The more bioavailable a product is, the more benefit a person will feel in their body. Liquids are more bioavailable than solids because liquids are digested and metabolized more easily than solid foods, meaning the effects will come on quicker and will be overall more impactful.

 As the CBD market expands at a lightning-fast speed, creative ways to consume CBD have become a major focus within the cannabis and hemp industry. CBD drinks are widely available with great product diversity. This newly established and welcomed path to ingestion makes for a plethora of interesting and delicious CBD drinks. Some common types of CBD-infused drinks include canned seltzers, kombuchas, coffees, teas and flavored waters. For those that want to add CBD to drinks or smoothies much like they would a dietary supplement, water-soluble CBD products are available for those to create their own concoctions. Here are some of the top CBD infused drinks and DIY products of 2021:

1. Canned CBD Drinks

Lightly flavored and naturally sweetened with stevia, canned CBD drinks are a tasty and easy way to consume a considerable amount of CBD. 

2. CBD Supplement Shots

Usually only 2 fluid ounces, shots are great to try on the go for a much-needed mid-day boost that won’t cause the jitters.

3. CBD Coffee

This organic, medium-dark roast Central American coffee blend presents a natural chocolate flavor with a clean fruity finish and serves up approximately 4mg of CBD per tablespoon. Choosing a CBD coffee may ease the impact of the caffeine and mitigate some of its associated unpleasant sensations, especially for those who want to enjoy coffee without the risk of caffeine-induced anxiety.

4. Waters & Flavored Water Drinks

CBD Living Water was created in 2014 and has been constantly improved ever since. The newest version boasts 10 mg of nano-CBD per BPA & BPS-free bottle and is alkaline (9+ pH) to decrease acidity and inflammation in the body. In-house scientists break down the CBD into nanoparticles, allowing it to pass easily through the blood membrane. This technique lets the nano-sized CBD immediately penetrate into your body’s cells, giving increased bioavailability at the cellular level.

5. Water Soluble CBD

CBD isolate powder comes from a concentrated extraction of the hemp plant, producing a light powder perfect for mixing into food or drinks. Powders allow the consumer to determine their dosage and also the way in which they consume the CBD. Teas, juices, smoothies – anything goes.

These days, there are numerous ways to consume CBD and opting for a drink has never been easier, from coffees to CBD canned drinks. No matter how you choose to enjoy CBD-infused drinks, there’s a product out there to suit your preferences. Cheers!

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