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Holiday Gift Guide

Need some ideas for CBD Christmas gifts? As yet another year comes to a close, it is the perfect time to let those you care about know how much you truly do. Clearly, the holidays — whether it be the...

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What is THC O?

At Go Green Botanicals, we want you to be informed when you make decisions about your health and wellness. Many of our clients have been asking about the new THC on the block, THC O (or THCo). Known...

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Go Green CBD Blog

If you’re feeling lost about CBD and the many different options available to try, not to worry! We’ll help you learn more about our natural CBD products, their benefits, new CBD studies and other relevant news happening in the CBD industry. The Go Green Botanicals CBD blog includes helpful info on cannabidiol and all things CBD related. Get valuable resources you can use to find the best CBD products for your needs. Learn things like how CBD works with the body, benefits of different types of CBD, and even our customer favorite — Delta 8 THC.

The Go Green Botanicals team has curated expert information about each of our products, and we consistently collect relevant and timely information about CBD to share on our blog. Our helpful and educational blogs teach new CBD users the basics of our products while seasoned CBD users can find innovative new ways to enjoy our CBD.

But we don’t just provide info on cannabidiol and related topics — we back it up with evidence. Go Green Botanicals is your source for information on the latest studies and information published in the CBD industry. Our team loves to learn more about these updates, and we are excited to share that information with you too! We are more than just a store where you can buy your favorite CBD products. Rather we are here to serve. We’re ready to help educate you and provide information that can make your CBD experience better.

You can also find relevant news in the cannabis world on our blog. As a CBD company, our business and industry is affected by the cannabis industry and other cannabis-based businesses. We know many of our customers are interested in cannabis too. We feel it is important to share updates and information about related industries. Check our blog often — we do our best to keep you up to date on changes to Texas and federal cannabis laws!


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