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Top 8 Reasons to Buy CBD from Go Green

Now more than ever, there is increased interest in the medicinal use of Cannabidiol (abbreviated as CBD) because of its potential for various therapeutic properties. CBD is a naturally occurring chemical found in the cannabis plant but unlike traditional marijuana, CBD does not get you “high” and there is no indication of any abusive or addictive behavior when using CBD by itself. Plus, getting your CBD through different delivery forms without having to pay cash before is easier than ever with Go Green Botanicals.

We believe that in the right dosage, CBD can work wonders. It is because of this strongly held belief that we encourage those who have never experienced CBD, especially those with chronic issues who have yet to find relief, to experience the benefits for themselves. But what CBD you choose and where you purchase from can make a world of difference. With that in mind, we offer you a few compelling reasons to make Go Green Botanicals your purveyor of choice for the best CBD products on the market. 

best CBD products

1. Compassion

We are real people using natural remedies to advocate for our community. Starting locally in New Braunfels, Texas, and now spreading nationwide, we truly believe that many individuals who are currently suffering in silence can receive relief through the use of CBD products. We want to be a resource of information and education for those who seek to take ownership of their health and wellness.

2. Variety

While we feel strongly that every person can benefit from the use of CBD, there is no one product that is perfect for every individual across the board. It is a process to find just the right fit, which is why Go Green Botanicals carries an extensive array of the very best CBD products. From basic sublingual drops to smokable flower, edible candies and so much more, whether topical or ingested or inhaled, we have everything you need to discover the perfect form and the dosing just for you. And we offer all of our products in different delivery forms of CBD.

3. Value

We’ve done all the research to provide you with the best CBD products available online. We provide the highest quality product at the lowest possible price because we care about being an asset to our community and to individuals throughout the country..

4. Partnership

Everyone has distinct and separate needs, and we know this. Maybe you’re shopping for products for your own personal use, or maybe you’re purchasing for someone who isn’t in a position to purchase for themselves such as a pet, an elderly parent or a child suffering from concentration issues such as ADHD. You’re not in this alone. We want to work with you and share all we know so we can be advocates together for you and your loved ones.

5. Care

We do not carry or promote any product that we would not use ourselves. Each and every item from Go Green Botanicals has been carefully vetted to guarantee it is the highest quality available and free of any pesticides or chemicals. 

6. Honor

A University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine study in 2017 indicated that 70% of all cannabidiol products sold online were mislabeled either containing more or less CBD than indicated and sometimes containing THC as well (which would create a potentially unwanted feeling of being “high,” as well as potential legal issues.) This is not okay. We at Go Green Botanical take what we do very seriously and do extensive research and testing before our products make their way into your hands. 

7. Convenience

Worried about having to pay cash before you get CBD delivery? Don’t! We want to make sure, particularly with the issues created by the current pandemic, that every individual receives exactly what they need especially since there is strong evidence to support that CBD can actually help boost your immune system. In addition to taking all the necessary precautions at our boutique location, we are in the process of expanding our online capabilities to make sure everyone can have the best CBD products delivered directly to them in the safest and most convenient way possible. In addition, we are available by phone, email and social media to help guide you in making the best product decision for your needs.

8. Commitment

Multiple places can sell you a CBD product, from grocery stores to mall kiosks and even gas stations. At Go Green Botanicals, we want to do more than make a sale. We want to work with you to educate and inform you about the many benefits of CBD. Hand in hand, our goal is to help you find the best CBD product and the right dose just for you. We believe our mission can help change your life for the better, and that is our ultimate goal.

We know these are indeed stressful times, but there’s no need to suffer in silence. Please take a moment to contact us and let us guide you to a happier, healthier tomorrow. These eight reasons are more than enough to choose your CBD from Go Green Botanicals, but we have even more to offer now! With our new delivery forms, CBD is even more readily available. Check out the different options that we have that don’t involve cash before CBD delivery.

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