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What are the Benefits of CBD for Cats and Dogs with Anxiety and Pain?

Since CBD has gained popularity around the country for helping consumers with pain severity, anxiety, etc., many pet owners of beloved cats and dogs have been looking into using the cannabinoid for natural wellness. Since both humans and pets also carry the same endocannabinoid receptors in their bodies that help aid optimal wellness, some consumers have looked into adding edible treats and CBD oil for cats and dogs for anxiety, pain relief and more. With this natural cannabinoid from hemp, dogs and cats might experience possible relief for separation anxiety, pain severity and much more with CBD.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a natural cannabinoid from hemp that could help relieve possible inflammation, anxiety and more. CBD interacts with our body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors in our brain and immune system to help promote homeostasis or well-being. Just like humans, cats and dogs both contain these essential endocannabinoid receptors that help balance inflammation, anxiety, allergies, seizures and much more.

In a 2018 clinical study by the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, doctors used hemp-based CBD oil to study the pain reliving effects for dogs with arthritis. Arthritic dogs of all ages where given two to eight milligrams of CBD oil a day along with a placebo to test periodically their rates of pain stimuli and movement. After a few weeks of CBD oil, the team of researchers determined that more than 80% of their dogs showed significant improvement in pain reduction and mobility.

Can CBD Help Dogs with Anxiety?

A 2016 study conducted by the Geha Mental Health Center in Israel discovered that CBD had anti-anxiety and calming effects on lab mice that experienced stress while searching for food in a difficult maze. The Israeli research team also saw an improvement in serotonin levels, noticing the mice were willing to continue forward to retrieve food after multiple failed attempts. The study also discovered no long-term side effects with CBD unlike other anti-depressant medications.

Some of the most common medications administered by vets for anxious dogs are Prozac, Fluoxetine and Buspirone. Although these medications can help with different forms of behavioral and situational anxiety, potential side effects can include reduced appetite, lack of energy, increased anxiety and seizures.

What is the Difference Between Behavioral and Situational Anxiety for Dogs?

Dr. Adam Christman, a board member of the New Jersey Veterinarian Medical Association, describes how dogs with situational anxiety can be triggered by loud disturbances like fireworks, thunderstorms, etc. Dr. Christman states that loud noises can release high levels of adrenaline and stress hormones for dogs that tell their natural instincts to flee or run away.

For behavioral stressors like separation anxiety, scientists and veterinarians are still speculating what causes canines to develop this behavioral disorder. Although more dogs who have been adopted from shelters have a higher chance of developing separation anxiety, since it is believed that a loss of an important person or group of people can trigger this form of anxiety.

Dogs with situational anxiety might benefit from CBD oil or treats for as needed help with mild to moderate anxiety. Although for dogs with behavioral anxiety, Dr. Christman recommends a daily regimen of 2-10mg of CBD oil as a starter dose for small to medium-sized dogs to help ease their stress levels.

CBD Oil for Cats with Anxiety?

Anxious cats can develop multi-behavioral symptoms like aggression, compulsive glooming, hissing at non-threatening individuals or objects, and more. To help relieve these symptoms, some veterinarians might recommend cat owners to make environmental changes to their home or behavioral modifications. For example, if a cat is not using their litter pan, owners could decide to move their cat’s litter box to another part of their home or give their cat treats as a positive incentive to use their box.

Behavioral pet experts and veterinarians usually recommend a mixture of behavior modification techniques and medication to help treat cats with extreme anxiety. These behaviors can be attributed to possible low serotonin or neurotransmitter activity in brain, causing cats to react nervously to emotional activity or other stressful situations. Medications for anxious cats can include diazepam, chlordiazepoxide and alprazolam. But for cat owners who worry about the possible side effects of traditional medication, CBD oil for cats could be a natural option for relieving anxiety and stress.

What Can Full-Spectrum CBD Offer for Pets?

CBD is only one beneficial property from hemp, but full-spectrum CBD contains more than 100-plus cannabinoids that can also improve overall health. Full-spectrum CBD will also include the legal 0.3% THC trace limit, which does not carry any psychoactive effects for both humans and pets. With these added cannabinoids like CBG and CBN, both cats and dogs might be able to find possible relief for pain severity, separation anxiety, sleep deprivation and much more.

Since dogs have more endocannabinoid receptors in their body compared to humans, unfortunately high doses of THC can make them ill. This also means that canines can be more sensitive to CBD oils formulated for humans, so it’s best to find a CBD product specifically formulated for your furry best friend to find their perfect dosage. For dogs and cats who are suffering from moderate to high pain severity, epilepsy, and separation anxiety, full-spectrum CBD could be a safe option for helping regulate serotonin and neurotransmitter activity that could cause potential seizures and other behavioral anxiety disorders.

Since our pets are like family to us, we want to give them the best possible relief for separation anxiety, pain and more. Go Green Botanicals recommends pet owners discuss with their vet before administrating CBD or other hemp-based products to your pet. For pet owners who want to try a natural remedy for easing anxiety, stress and much more, CBD treats and oils might be a beneficial option for your beloved furry friend. Shop Go Green’s CBD oil for cats and dogs and other pet CBD products today!

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